Squad-Goals: Best Halloween Group-Costumes for 2015

With less than 2 weeks to go, the greatest annual college weekend is approaching quickly. The one that so beautifully falls between midterm seasons, the one that fuses childhood behavior with a 3 day bender, then one that involves wearing the same beer stained clothing with your friends for far too many days in a row. Yes, friends, Hallo-weekend is almost here.

Now, if you’re anything like me, and my friends, this can also be a quite stressful time. The only thing harder than deciding which house party you’re going to hit, and the most economical way to booze for the 3 days, is deciding on a costume. As surprising as it is, costumes are still important in college. No one wants to be the guy who thinks he’s too cool and shows up to the party in street clothes, and the first rule of themes is that you never go half-assed.

Individual costumes? They’re alright, but you can do better. Grabbing a bunch of your buddies, and going all out on a group costume is always a solid idea, but choosing an appropriate, relevant, and hilarious costume can be difficult, especially with a multicultural core group for friends, and ranging numbers. (Unless you go as Minions, again…)

This is where we come in. I almost have a college degree, and for the 15k a year that I pay, I might not be able to cross multiply and find a square root, but I sure as hell can come up a pretty solid costume idea.

Follow along below, as we introduce some of the greatest friend-group costumes. We’ll break each costume down to exactly what, and who you’ll need to make this year a success.

The Top 10 Multicultural Friend-Group Costume ideas for 2015 (In no particular order)

1. Recess (6 people)


When it comes to multi-cultural friend groups, nothing comes to mind quicker than those quirky kids on everyones favourite childhood series, Recess. Led by a bold TJ Detweiler, this costume is sure to draw some attention, and bring back some fond memories, while still maintaining an aspect that college kids will love. Who doesn’t wanna see how many beers Mikey could put back?

Who/What You’ll Need: 2 white girls, 3 white guys (1 dad-bod minimum), and your token black friend and the basketball that you probably just assume that he owns. Optional: Grab the campus snitch, and recruit a Randal to the mix.

2. Drake and Meek Mill (2-3 people)


Nothing says 2015 pop-culture like the infamous Drake vs. Meek Mill beef. This one is sure to draw some laughs, and possibly some “Fuck Meek Mill” chants as well.

Who/What You’ll Need: 2 darker-skinned friends, including one soft acting light-skin, and one a bit darker, ready to take some L’s all weekend. Optional: If you’re feeling extra saucy, grab a girl with some padded shorts (gotta get the correct booty match) and a referee shirt, and get her to be Nicki Minaj.

3. Blue Mountain State (3-20+ people)


Nothing quite says college like the phrase “PARTY AT THE GOAT HOUSE”. This is actually the idea that my roomies and I went as last year. Arguably the greatest Netflix series ever, is still more relevant than ever, and with room for the entire team, and cheer-leaders to boot, the cast of Blue Mountain State makes the perfect Hallo-weekend costume.

Who/What You’ll Need: At least 3 guys, 1 Moran, 1 Thad, and 1 of either Radon or Sammy, to get the idea across. Throw in a couple home-made jersey tee’s, and a goat-costume and you’re set. Optional: Cheerleaders, other team members, and coaches to fill as many spaces as needed.

4.Barack Obama & Donald Trump (2 people)


The leader of the free world…. and some guy with a comb-over. Donald Trump burst into headlines this year, with a (somehow) realistic chance at becoming the next president of the United States. Beer pong: Winner gets to move into the White House… who wouldn’t want to witness that?

Who/What You’ll Need:  1 black friend, 1 white friend, and some cheap suits. Simplest out of the bunch. 

5. Netflix & Chill (2 people)


The memes have been overwhelming. The vines have been overdone. The jokes have been overused. All noted, yet 10 months into 2015, and “Netflix and Chill” is still surprisingly funny, not to mention relevant. The interpretations of this costume are endless, and can even be completed as a 1 person costume.

Who/What You’ll Need: Any 2 people, any race, any gender. 1 red tee, “Netflix” drawn on, and 1 white tee, “chill” drawn on. Add some optional ice cube trays, a bag of ice, a fan, or any other chillllll things, to add to the concept.


6. Vine Stars (unlimited)

“I don’t like this costume idea”…. Why you always lyinnNNNnNnNgg?

Between the “why you lying” guy, “P.O.P hold it down” girl, *gets-hit-in-the-head-with-basketball* and yells “yaaah” kid, Rick Ross eating “peeears now, and shit“, and all the others, there are more than enough to go around, and keep it original.

Who/What You’ll Need: Any amount of people, who can re-enact their 7 seconds of fame. For example, A black guy combined with a blue button up, some hip-thrusts, and a bad singing voice will make the perfect “why you lying” impersonator.

7. Jurassic World (2-4 people)

One of the biggest film remakes and box-office hits of the year was the latest in the Jurassic Park series, Jurassic World. Pull your best Zach and Gray impression, and run from every reptilian-looking girl who tries to pull the previous costume idea with you.

Who/What You’ll Need: 2 guys minimum, with the option off adding an extra 2 costumes for an extra girl and guy. If you aren’t in the mood to sprint from trolls all night, have a friend or 3 dress up as a couple Velociraptors as well.

8. Straight Outta Compton (5-6 People)


One of the other biggest success’ this year in the box-office was the NWA bio-pic, Straight Outta Compton. Cause a ruckus when the police try to shut down your party on the 31st, or go a satirical version of Straight Outta ________ (where ever the hell you are from).

Who/What You’ll Need: 5 colored people if you’re planning on mimicking the group, or 5 anybodys if you’re planning on doing a spoof based on a different city. Optional: Add a “Jerry” into the mix, by incorporating an extra white pal.

9. Emojis (Unlimited)


This costume idea is definitely worthy of *3 flame emojis*. With just every shade and facial expression available now, the possibilities are endless. Shotty sassy arm girl emoji early, as that’s going to be the definite favourite.

Who/What You’ll Need: A pack of friends either will to paint their face yellow, or 4-5 blonde girls ready to buy matching pink sweaters, and not more their arms all night. Either or. Optional: A ginger friend can be added to create the flame emoji effect.

10. Caitlyn Jenner, before and after (2 people)

Arguably the biggest story of 2015, the transformation of Bruce Jenner, to Caitlyn Jenner, and the shit-storm that came with it, will be remembered for years to come. When it comes to pop culture, the Kardashian’s/Jenner’s seem to always find a way back into the headlines. You’re gonna have to break out the gym shorts and old prom dresses for this one.

Disclaimer: I understand the struggle it must take to be attempt to have the world accept you for who you really are, but I personally feel that spectacle the whole situation has been turned into, plus the TV specials, Magazine covers, etc, makes this idea totally fair game! No disrespect meant!

Who/What You’ll Need: 2 guys or 2 girls. Equip one with some gym shorts and an old medal from Value Village, and the other with a unitard and a sash, and voila.


And there you have it, The 10 best group-costumes for you and your friends, to ring in the 2015 Halloween weekend in!

Comment below with your other ideas, and be sure to send in some pics with what you come up with! Stay safe, and have a good time!

two words; one love,


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