Sh*t We Like: November 2015 █♣█

In this segment we will be highlighting things that we find dope, that we think you should check out. This will range from accounts we are following, music we are listening too, clothes we are wearing, and the products we are using. You’ll get a little taste of all our unique styles and hopefully inspire you to become the ultimate Canadian taste-maker.

Without further ado, lets get into it.



cover3Raury’s debut album was on my list as one of the most anticipated albums of this year. The Indie Hip-hop artist from Atlanta surprised the masses with one of the greatest projects (to agree or not to agree) I have heard in recent memory, Indigo Child. This time around, I have mixed emotions about All We Need. 

With the concepts of love and peace acting as the centerpiece to his album, I don’t think the execution of All We Need brought me enough peace and love to convince myself that this album was great. Conversing with Husson, he made a good point in saying either the songs are just terrible, or they are too ahead of time for us. Either way, I’m going to give it another chance.



“I Love Ugly is an Auckland based, premium menswear brand with a foundation speaking the vernacular of contemporary culture, art, design and music.

We are committed to sourcing and customising unique fabrics from around the world, and uphold an unwavering attention to bespoke styling. The details are not the details they are the design.

The ironic phrase “I Love Ugly” suited the belief of what founder Valentin Ozich felt true. Where the terms ‘beauty’ and ‘ugly’ are purely subjective and fluid. Taking pride in ones differences and stylistic preference is one of the philosophies that has been embedded in the name and culture of the brand.” – via Facebook

With part 1 of their November collection being released just a couple of days ago, you can check out some of their fresh new pieces and hopefully intrigue to either get some of their newer stuff or maybe some of their classic iconic Zespy pants. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep yourself posted on the latest from them.


phobulousWhat better way to “kill” some time in Dead-monton then to find some food stops that may or may not leave me content? If there’s one food that’ll get my panties ruffled, it would have to be phở . If you don’t know what that is, then go educate yourself. Ten out of ten times I’ll say yes to phở. So being in Edmonton, it would only be fitting for me to continue the tradition.

Bigggg shout outs to Phởbulous though. This was the second phở spot I’ve hit up during my stay. And I would say it’s better than most of the spots in Calgary. The atmosphere is a lot more modern and hip, compared to the typical family-run all Vietnamese no english speaking no-service setting. Located on Whyte Ave, I had of doubts going to this place but I’ll have to admit, they did a pretty damn good job with their phở. Oh and by the way, their menu is absolutely ridiculous.




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