A Nice Rozay: Roundup Of The Bawse’s Remix Run

black market

Rick Ross doesn’t like to share. He’s built an empire out of stockpiling his profits in the trunk of his Maybach and the sole of his Jordan’s, only offering to Meek to buy IG followers and Wale to quell angry Complex editors. He loves being shared with though. He loves it more than pear(s). Lately, he’s been trying his hand over the works of Post Malone to Adele. They’ve been rolling out pretty quickly, but I’m a Communications student and it’s midterms season; bored and lonely. I got my priorities in order and ranked them for you. The standard’s high for his next mixtape, Black Market. His last, Black Dollar, was uncharacteristically dope and dextrously rapped upon. There’s a mid-career Renaissance en route from the the physical embodiment of rap wealth in 2015. It’s coming, dressed in Coogi.

#6 White Iverson (Remix)

Rick Ross is easily the best part of this, mostly because the MMG tag sounds kinda dope over the production. He doesn’t say much, he never does. But this will be the last inkling of renown this song will can achieve at this point. “White Iverson” has been done for a while now; remixing it is simply beating a dead horse/white dreadlocked guy at this point. Even Rozay sounds fatigued.

#5 Jumpman (Remix)

Can Rick Ross even jump?

#4 Hello (Remix)


Rick Ross and Adele is like peanut butter and a nice chianti. It doesn’t make sense, and they’re both serviceable on their own. Sometimes though, by some deceit of nature, they’re smushed together on Audiomack. There’s a give and take here; on one hand, Ross is rapping outside of the platinum diamond encrusted box, getting personal, and, if he’s capable, noticeably somber. On the other hand, his Future-esque mumble needs more codeine addiction and personal demons.

#3 Stick Talk (Remix)

When there’s enough bass to drown everything else out, Ross can still muscle his way around. His booms rival Southside’s beat and his boasts match Future’s morose disclosures. It’s a juxtaposition between Ross’s exuberance that comes with being a rich rap general and Future occupying Hades in Atlanta’s current Olympus.

#2 Down In The DM (Remix)

No one plays a better One-Percenters than Ross. He calls out hitchhiking solely because it never got him rich. He won’t read your bio, he only cares about his. He vacations in Bora Bora. You can come if you want.

#1 30 For 30 (Remix)

Unless Ricky’s over an absolute mollar-erroding banger, he tends to be at his best when a little sentimental. And where’s the best place to be sentimental? Anywhere Drake’s been. Measured, quieter, pensive. We don’t get to see this often, usually just glimpses. Value it, and hope for more. This is where his career needs to go moving on. He’s taken the right steps with Black Dollar, losing some of his confidence, uncovering chinks in his armour that he plowed his way to dominance in. The whole persona behind “Rick Ross” has become a trope. He’s essentially a parody of himself, or on the verge of it. The marble mansions, foreign cars, and endless seafood schtick is wearing thin, and flaunts of affluence aren’t hitting home like they did five years ago. There’s perks to being a boss, and downsides too. A perfect tenure isn’t in the job description.

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