Ray to Riches: Volume 5

Welcome my friends. Every week there’s a new playlist with the hottest, newest, most underrated tracks that have surfaced during the week for your enjoyment. Along with a new weekly playlist, if you want to dive a little more  into my life, there’s a short story included that basically covers any topic that reflects what I’m feeling at the time. These could be memories, experiences, feelings, and etc. This is my weekly recap in a nutshell.

1 week. 1 story. 7 days. 7 songs. This is,

Ray to Riches: Volume 5

Date: November 8th, 2015
Topic: Help me help you

If you had the chance to change someone’s life, would you do it?

If I were to ask you this question, I bet there would be a 99.9% percent chance you would answer in some form or combination of “Of course! Definitely! Yes!”.

Now, if I were to ask you what you’ve done in the past to help change someone’s life would you be able to tell me?

If you had asked me this question a couple of years ago, my answer to the second question would not have reflected what I had responded to the first question. I believe you understand the universal relationship between what people say they’ll do, and the actions people actually take. For a majority of my life I feel like I’ve been grouped into the category of people who seem to live life pretending everything is perfect by masking up issues by opting for easy low-risk solutions that give us temporary gratification to get over that hump.

Though my time of involvement has been considered recent, my volunteer work with refugee students has touched me in ways I could never describe in words. Long story short, Peter and Jeremiah have a sentimental place in my heart. No matter what our relationship may be now or in the future, they’ve shown me that I don’t have to live life avoiding the things that scare me. Their bravery and compassion is something I envy but at the same time it’s something I’m really proud of because I know they will have an abundance of accomplishes because of it.

When I met both of them one year ago, I had no idea what to expect. As a proud Canadian I felt a lot of pressure in having to show these foreigners that have come a long way from Malawi and Kenya what life in Canada feels like. My misunderstanding of their culture and lifestyle outright surprised me for the better. They were just as similar to me as I would be as similar to Drake (minus the swag). They were well educated, well spoken, and most of all they were good people.

Whenever I think back on this stuff, it always seems to put a smile on my face. I’ll remember the time when I invited them for Thanksgiving dinner. I’ll remember the conversations we had about them seeing snow for the first time. I’ll never forget the moments I’ve experienced so far with those two. I’ll always cherish what they have taught me now and what they will later. Peter and Jeremiah, if you’re reading this, it’s too late. You’ve already changed my life.


– Raymond

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