Ray to Riches: Volume 7

Welcome my friends. Every week there’s a new playlist with the hottest, newest, most underrated tracks that have surfaced during the week for your enjoyment. Along with a new weekly playlist, if you want to dive a little more  into my life, there’s a short story included that basically covers any topic that reflects what I’m feeling at the time. These could be memories, experiences, feelings, and etc. This is my weekly recap in a nutshell.

1 week. 1 story. 7 days. 7 songs. This is,

Ray to Riches: Volume 7

Date: Friday, November 20, 2015
Topic: The time I went to a Persian Restaurant

This is my official unofficial restaurant review of Persia Palace (located in the south of Edmonton). Before I begin, I should mention that this place just opened last week and I think it is some sort of part time banquet hall in some plaza that has at least 90% of its businesses owned by those who are not Caucasian.

ANYWAYS, this is how my experience went. I’ve never had “Persian” food before. I don’t know what the authentic Persian dish is. So I look at the menu, and I only understand 5% of the words on the menu, only because the word kebab pops up on every page.

Our waitress, who is very nice (but slow) comes to our table to grab our orders. My room mate asked for the “Palace Kebab”, and instantly she replies “Oh, do we have that? Can I see the menu?” What. I look at my room mate with total disbelief. Is this lady trying to tell me she doesn’t know what’s on the menu?

Onto me. I ask for the Curry Chicken (which I later find out it’s not even a Persian dish… the fuck). After getting everyone’s order, our waitress eventually comes back 10 minutes later and tells us that they don’t have Curry Chicken. The problem with this is not that they didn’t have Curry chicken, but it’s the fact that it was their special meal of the day… and they didn’t even have it in stock.

Having to wait over 30+ minutes for our food, and probably getting refills for water every 40… I thought we were seriously going to die in there from starvation. The funniest part about the whole experience was probably when we went up to pay and I looked in the kitchen that was easily accessible to see through this gigantic opening. I kid you not, but I saw 4-5 older looking Persian chefs just giving each other blank stares that looked like lost hope buried deep in saffron basmati rice.

I replaced my order with two “small” orders, but they gave me more than I could handle


– Raymond


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