The Showcase: Meet Toozy

About 3 weeks go, we kicked off the inaugural run of our latest series, the Showcase, where we highlight our best submissions of the month. After a week of open voting, the winner gets an exclusive feature article to highlight their skills and talk about their submitted track.

October 2015, Showcase Champion: Toozy – Hello

With almost 60% of the over 90 votes we received, Toozy’s “Hello” was the overwhelming favourite in the strong October 2015 Showcase class. So lets meet the man behind it all.

“Toozy’s “Hello” is a brief introduction into the body of work he’s been releasing over the past months. Using a blend of ethnic sounds, jazz chords, and hip hop drums to create these pieces of work, the progression is beautiful. The Calgary based artist enjoys playing around with his sounds, as evident in the latest Soulection-esque instrumental.”

Q: Who are you?
A: Toozy, AKA The Boy

Q: What city are you repping?
A: Calgary, Canada.

Q: Describe your style of music, and your biggest influences:
A: I make something different everytime I open up FL studio, but admittedly I’m still trying to find some “signature sound”. Listening to a lot of jazz at the moment, neo-soul, some of this Soulection sh*t, and a bunch Atlanta trap.

Q: What is your favourite album of all time, and why?
A: Hardest question in life, if you really love music it’s too hard to come up with a favorite album. Recently though I’ve been listening to Andrew Jackson jihad- Knife party, though.

Q: Who are your favourite artists in the industry right now?
A: Kaytranada, Drake, Sam Gellaitry, D’angelo, Kanye.
Many more, but those are some. D’angelo the dustiest but he my boy, real talk.

Q: Where can we hear your music?
A: Find the boy on soundcloud. Local now, global soon.

Q: What is the next big thing project fans can expect from Toozy?
A: No projects in the works, still going to uni, living the life of a young twenty-something year old. Always making new music thoug

Q: What do you have to say to any Canadian fans out there?
A: Help a boy put Calgary on the map.

Q: Do you wear a red wu-tang sweater twice a week

A: At least.


Toozy is a fairly new producer out of Calgary (Editors Note: Northeast to be specific, shouts-out the hood). Intrigued, he picked up producing when he was 20 because he was amazed by Kaytranada’s bandcamp, and his short journey has been anything but underwhelming.Currently working on putting together of “random” songs, the sound still hasn’t compltely surfaced, and that’s ok. Toozy notes that the experimenting he’s done with his sound is what inspires him to create. Releasing new music, frequently and without notice, “the boy”, as he refers to himself as, is quickly becoming one of the best and brightest out of western Canada’s new class of artists. He only enjoys music that makes him feel some type of way, and Toozy also enjoys using sounds that he records and samples from around his house. Self-taught in piano and music theory, Toozy’s skills are evidents on a bevy of tracks such as Destiny’s Child re-work, “say mi name”

Redleafgoldteeth would like to congratulate Toozy on becoming the first Showcase champion, and are excited to see if he can defend the title in months to come. Be sure to head over to Toozy’s soundcloud to listen to his exciting catalogue, and be sure to leave a follow.

Expect a new version of The Showcase at the end of every month!


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