How To Inspire, One Garment At A Time

What do you get when you channel the creative influences of the likes of Virgil Abloh, and combine it with the will to inspire via means of brave, one-off project?


Meet Marcus Degroot, 21, a Victoria designer by hobby, who is attempting to accomplish just that. Marcus set out to create a unique, hand made – from the stitching to the painting to the distressing – one of a kind garment, with hopes to auction it off for a phenomenal reason. The unnamed project has been in the thought process for months, and the tee itself took weeks to create, from scratch.

When asked about the project and why it was dreamt up, Marcus states “the inspiration for [this project] was to inspire others around me to create whatever it is they are passionate about, and put it in front of people”, which admittedly is no easy task. Marcus hopes that others will be able to see what can be accomplished with what can seem like little to no resources, and the whole world to conquer.

The tee is up for auction now on Marcus’s instagram, and all proceeds will go to the organization of choice by whoever comes out on top. This one-off will be the first of a few pieces Marcus will be creating for this project, while continuing to build his portfolio.

Still raising capital, and embracing the life of a dream-chasing twenty-something year old, Marcus hopes to turn his passion into a career very soon. Until then, be on the look out for the young visionary cooks up next.


“Today I share something very special to me with all of you.This custom one of one piece was handmade, designed, and painted by myself. I’ve spent more time, energy and effort on this piece than most of you will realize by looking at this picture. I’m not here to make a profit, I’m here to make a difference. My goal is to inspire others to pursue whatever it is they are passionate about regardless of the outside judgement we all seem to receive from those around us. This piece will be up for auction till next Sunday at 12pm. Bidding does not start at a certain price or does it have a limit. The highest bidder of this auction will instead of putting money in my pocket have their donation sent to a foundation of their choice once the auction ends on Sunday. I have the privilege of chasing any goal or dream I’m capable of and I’m trying to use that for the better. I appreciate any of you who chose to like this, share this, and especially those who take part in the auction. If you are interested in this auction please private message me with your bid and foundation of choice…”

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