RLGT 100 Word Review: Jeremih – Late Nights The Album

Did you miss me? I’ve been out of the loop lately, what with classes coming to a close, trying to pay my rent, and cutting my hair which took somewhere in the ballpark of, like, 20 minutes. Anyway here’s a quick little review because I don’t want to study, and also, I’m supposed to do these once a week.


RLGT 100 Word Review

 Jeremih – Late Nights 

Brief forward: Do you remember that song “Birthday Sex” from 2009? That one you stiff-arm slow danced too in grade nine before grinding became a thing? If not, it’s the one where the singer, Jeremih, champions practicing familiar relations with the opposite sex on your born day. It was also a commercial stab so unsubstantial and dumb that he’ll likely never escape from it beyond dweebs like me who spend too much time on the internet and subsequently share it with people like you who spend less time on the internet, but still too much time on the internet. Since, Jeremiah has contributed to the movement of the alternative that’s put R&B in the wonderful place it rests today. A full mixtape* and collaboration with LA based producer Shlohmo has proven Jeremih to be a victim of circumstance, who’s worst song ended up being the one he was most (unfortunately) known for. Anyway…

Last week Jeremih released his third studio album, Late Nights, and it’s currently upending every year-end best-of list. He’s a Casanova with a heart in the right place, making after dark music as fitting for a strip club, twilight dispensary or your bedroom.

Meticulously curated, painstakingly waited for, Late Nights sounds the way you feel well after the sun’s disappeared behind the skyline. Bass lines churn a pot brimming with echoes, barely there synths, pristine high-hats and, well, pot. It’s R&B as zoned out as you feel when your day starts at 7pm.


Standout Track: Impatient ft. Ty Dolla $ign is like a clash of 2015’s R&B titans (excluding Miguel, who still has the genres album to beat this year). Tender and perfectly nocturnal, the contrast between Jeremih’s tender falsetto and Ty’s gravelly lewdness straddles the line between bringing somebody home from the club and wishing it was someone else.

*In 2012, unbeknownst to his record label, Jeremih released a mixtape entitled Late Nights With Jeremih. It was incredible and set the tone for what Late Nights The Album would become. They work as beautiful companion pieces, although 2015’s iteration is the clear superior.

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