The Showcase: Meet Lil’ Harper



With over 50% of the over 500 votes we received, Lil’ Harper’s “Bite Down” was the overwhelming favourite in the strong November 2015 showcase class. So of course, a proper introduction is necessary.

“Lil’ Harper is 19 year old artist/producer from Tampa, Florida. He gets a lot of comparisons to various artists but molds his influences into his own style. Here he delivers a catchy banger titled “Bite Down” with his counterpart JUSTEND and fellow artist Dylan Kleese.”



Q: Who are you, and where are you repping?

A: I’m Lil’ Harper and I’m from Tampa, Florida.

Q: Describe your style of music, and your biggest influences:

A: My music is kind of like a hybrid man, I wanna say trap in a sort of way but with my own twist man. Just trying to recreate the same sound but also make some shit you’ve never heard. My biggest influences are Kid Cudi and Travis Scott. I’m their biggest fans dude. They’re both just so ill and always pushing boundaries.

Q: Describe your submission, “Bite Down”:

A: Bite Down was originally called “Pipe Down” but I changed it after listening to the hook over and over again. It also had a verse from Dylan Kleese but I took it off. JUSTEND is on there too, thats like my little brother man. I feel like we on some Gotenks shit every time we collab on some shit

Q: What is your favourite album of all time, and why?

A: Man my favorite album of all time? Uhhh, I’d probably say 808’s & Heartbreak or Man On The Moon 2. I listen to these all the way through, I fall asleep to them.

Q: Who are your favourite artists in the industry right now?

A: My favorite artists out right now are probably Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug, and Lil Yachty. Yeah us “Lil” niggas winning. Also – shoutout to Lil Yachty, I play “Minnesota” at least 3 times a day with my friends on Xbox.

Q: Where can we hear your music?

A: You can hear my music at and on YouTube.

Q: What’s the next big project fans can expect from Lil Harper?

A: I’m working on a project now called Lonestar. I don’t know when I’ll release it but it has to be perfect. I’m also about to release another single called “Night Vibe.” Shits really that vibe. No pun intended.

Q: Anything to say to your Canadian fans out there?

A: Shoutout to Canada I fuck with yall wave. Jimmy Prime, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and of course Drake.

Q: Finish the sentence: The hardest lesson I’ve had to learn about the industry is….

A: …quality over quantity. Never oversaturate.


Lil’ Harper is a young artist coming out of Tampa, Florida. Unbeknownst to many, Harper is actually a multi-talented artist, both rapping and producing. Originally, strictly a beat-maker (his production chops will be on display on his next project, Lonestar), Lil‘ Harper eventually completed the ye’-esque transition over to rapping.


Having only released a handful of tracks to date, Lil Harper has still managed to garner an impressive following on Souncloud, with over 20k plays on all of his previous releases. Admittedly, the comparisons are clear, but Lil’ Harper has managed to forge his own unique sound, mixed with little sprinklings of your favourite sounds here and there.  With an ear for beats, as demonstrated over trappy instrumentals such as “Coast”, expect the man to keep the momentum going all the way into 2016. Big break, coming soon.

Redleafgoldteeth would like to congratulate Lil’ Harper on winning the November 2015 Submission Showcase! Be sure to check him out on Soundcloud and leave a follow!

Expect a new edition of The Showcase soon! Get those submissions in!





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