RLGT x #TBT: Johnny Rain – Villain

RLGT loves Johnny Rain (well, at least half of us). We’ve proclaimed him as the Underdog of 2015 and I’ve mentioned him as one of my favourites to listen to. Johnny Rain is just a spiritual animal that knows how to tap into his own emotional state and extract every last bit of fucking dope-ness out into his music.

Earlier this week, Johnny released his latest project simply called EP1. This 6-track project is carried by the last song, Animosity/Dear Xodi featuring James Blake which came out a couple months earlier. If you thoroughly enjoyed his other project, 11 that dropped at the top of this year then you will love EP1 just as much.

To celebrate the recent blessing, let’s go back to 2013 when Villain completely swept my expectations of RnB music and when Johnny Rain first appeared on my radar. Below, you can listen to the album-titled track – “Villain” and give yourself a treat for this Holiday Season.

– Raymond

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