RLGT Year-End Review: Best Posts of 2015

Part 3 of our Year-End Review is here! With 2015 being the inaugural year here at RLGT, we had to start from scratch, from that very first post, all the way up to today with over 400 published posts and (almost) 100,000 overall views, with each #firepost marking a step in our journey. Today’s list will re-visit some of the best and more memorable posts of 2015 here on RLGT. Catch new lists every few days this week, leading up to our top 10 songs of 2015 & our year end #NYE2016 playlist on the 31st! Happy Holidays from redleafgoldteeth!

RLGT Year-End Review: Best Posts of 2015


1. Our First Post: “Welcome to redleafgoldteeth

“It’s about the fusion of that gold-teeth trill shit, combined with the clean effortless sense of being “hip” – all with a Canadian spin.”

This is where it all started. Honestly, cool to see considering I haven’t gone back to read it since I first wrote it 11 months ago. Addressed to the few random stragglers I expected to maybe come across this blog one day, its amazing to see how far we’ve gone in less that a year. February 3rd, 2015; Day-dreaming in class about this completely new platform for me to create on, I literally went home and made a few crappy logos on MS Paint, before penning this post. And here we are now – What a time…

2. Our First Celebrity Co-Sign: “Open Letter: Thank You Scott Mescudi

“…he’s the only person that I’ve never actually met, but have always felt like I’ve truly known.”

The originaaaal #sadboi post on redleafgoldteeth, and still, the most viewed post we’ve had to date. This #rare post, by Husson, was one of the first to prove to ourselves (and maybe some of y’all too) that we could really make it on a big scale, and that people do respond to raw emotion. Not only did this land us a Kid Cudi RT & Facebook repost (to over 12 million fans), but even more rewarding, a personal thank-you, via a tweet back to our Twitter account. He even told Husson that he loves him back (I wasn’t actually there, but I can imagine there was some tears involved when I sent over the screenshot).

3. Our First Song Premiere: “RLGT Premiere: Jarreau Vandal – B.Y.O.B.

Imagine the feeling in your stomach when you wake up to see an email from one of your favourite artists, literally saying:

“Hey man,

Can you send me the questions?
Would love to drop the track today actually!
very spontaneous. 

let me know,

Blessings Jarreau”

Yea… that happened. At this point in time, we were still very new, and still trying to gain our footing as a brand. Jarreau was crunching out new music periodically, and quickly gaining a following as the next-up in Soulection; he gave us a chance. Fast-forward to today, and “B.Y.O.B” (the song we premiered) has over 219,000 plays on his Soundcloud, Jarreau Vandal is prepping his new EP Suburb Superhero, and well, you’re reading this, so we’re doing okay too. Congrats Jarreau, and thanks. Proud to call you a friend.

4. Our First Collaborative Post: “The Roundtable: What’s The Best Kanye West Album?

“…a little insight into how each of our writers view the state of the game.”

As a great Canadian once said, “I got a really big team”.

What started off as a solo-anon project, quickly grew into a highly-rewarding collaborative effort. Starting with Husson turning the project into a partnership, and then the adding of Raymond, Gurnoor, and Thomas shortly after, our team at RLGT is in a league of its own. Trusss mi, the types of conversations in our group chat don’t always revolve around HMO’s, but actually turn into some pretty awesome conversations – even debates sometimes – and I can honestly say that the outcome of most have helped me learn a lot. That was the idea behind these Round-Table posts that we started. We were able to turn one of these common conversations between a few guys with unique viewpoints, and see how they all come together… and of course, what better topic to start on that Kanye West. I Luh My Squad (no sus).


If you liked those, check out a couple of our other most popular posts this year:

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