Views News: Is #VFT6 Dropping Tomorrow?

Could it…. could it be?! Is Drake’s highly anticipated 4th album, Views From The 6 dropping tomorrow? With the bevy of hints we’ve seen lately, one may be led to believe the hype, but RLGT is going to take a look at the facts.


Is Views From The 6 Dropping on January 6th, 2015?

The one thing that we know for sure is that Drake and 40 (and Quentin Miller??) have been in the studio for months working, and that #VFT6 is “coming very soon“, according to Drizzy himself at his New Years Eve arty last week. On top of that, stirring up the rumours 40, aka Noah Shebib, Drake’s right-hand-man & go-to sound engineer, confirmed via Instagram today that he is putting the finishing touches on some album (below).

@molsoncanadian stop playing with my emotions. I'm trying to finish an album 😡 #AnythingForHockey 🏒

A photo posted by Noah Shebib (@ovo40) on

But, what really got the internet going earlier today, was a brand new supposed trailer that re-surfaced. The 20 second clip can be seen all over Twitter today, but actually showed up originally back  in early November on a Daily Rap Fact’s Twitter account. The end of the video, that warns that the “6 God Is Watching”, closes out with the date “1.06.2016”. Rumours say the date makes sense because of some somewhat suspect logic: 4th album + 1st month + 6th day = 416, Toronto’s area code which the moniker “6 God” was borrowed from. Questionable. Furthermore, one might be a little skeptical at the seemingly amateur trailer, especially when the release of last years project IYRTITL was preceded with the whole mini-movie, “Jungle“.

While most were quick to brush off the trailer until today, Toronto city counselor and recent pop-culture figure Norm Kelly decided to fuel to conspiracy fire. The anti-Meek Mill figurehead took to his @Norm verified Twitter handle to drop a picture of a spray-painted “6” on a window above Toronto with the caption “Quite The View”. Subtle.


With all the recent evidence displayed, to go along with the multiple billboards, and the few “confirmed” tracks in “Hotline Bling” and the sparing track “Right Hand”, the stage is seemingly set for a sudden release. Can we say it seems likely? Not overly. Can we say it’s possible that the 6 God will bless us out of nowhere? Of course. Just look at how he shocked the world 10 months ago with If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. 

While other rumors suggest Jan. 16th based on a few recent Drake captions on the gram, all that we can be sure of is was came out of Drake’s mouth a week ago – Views From The 6 is coming “soon”, and it couldn’t be soon enough. Personally, I’d like to see the 6 God wait until Meek drops #DC4 so we can see the 2 go head-to-head, a la 50 Cent and Kanye back in 2007.

Let us know below, do you think we’ll be getting #VFT6 anytime soon? Keep it locked to RLGT for ALL updates and leak news.

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