The Showcase: Best Submissions of December 2015

Now that the dust (and hangovers) of #NYE2015 have finally settled, it’s time for another installment of The RLGT Submission Showcase. In The Showcase, we’ll take a handful of the best tracks sent to us each month, toss ’em into the showcase, and let the viewers vote on their favorite. After 7 days, winner takes all. The winning artist will not only get the bragging rights, but will also receive a full feature article and mini-interview about their submitted track/project, that will be seen by thousands of Canadian, American, and international hip-hop fans alike. Vote once a day for your favourite submission! We smashed 600 votes last month, lets get 1000 this time!

The show must go one… welcome to The Showcase.

The redleafgoldteeth Submission Showcase: December 2015

(Meet last month’s winner, Lil Harper, here)

Ronnie Dylan – Prey

A couple familiar faces in Ronnie Dylan, and producer Jake Crocker make a return to the Showcase. “Prey” has a deeper message and tells the story of a family member of Dylan’s, overdosing on Heroine and coming back to life. Normally most of the content we’ve heard has a much more positive sound, however Ronnie Dylan cited that he had to make sure that important stories like these get told as well.

Chri$ Born – 20 EP

Chri$ born, 20 year old artist from Detroit, Michigan. Rapper, producer, engineer, designer, etc. He truly does it all. His album “20” was dropped to celebrate his 20th birthday, entirely self produced and mixed, with features from his brothers blaze underwood & Richardvstheworld. Listen to standout track “My Brothas”, below.


King Midas – Killa Cam

This track was inspired by one of Midas’ favorite rappers of all time, Cam’Ron. Specifically the song, “Get Em Girls”, off the “Purple Haze” album. Really wanting to pay homage to him, Midas decided to interpolate the lyric “we getting money n****” into the chorus of the song. This one is a a definite front-runner in this months pack.

Cokekey$ Car’tel x Tony Ma$on  x HeatWave – Super Lit █♣█

Up next we have a new single from Canadian rappers Tony Mason & HeatWave featuring CokeKey$ Car’tel – who is affiliated with Drake’s REPSUP/OVO team. Tony and HeatWave are out of Vancouver, BC specifically, and CokeKey$ is out of Toronto. Bonus points for a few up-and-comers from the North.

Zach Taylor – Space Jam (Ft. CAMM)

Another new cut from an RLGT favourite, Zach Taylor, with a new banger titled “Space Jam”. The track features Qole who is from NY, and Nashville artist, CAMM, who has got a project of his own coming out on Jan. 14th. Zach is currently working with his team Broad St. – described as his label. Will “SPACE JAM” be the best submission of the month?



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