Journal: No Days Off

“Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed and achieve happiness in all aspects”

What does your squad say about you, and how can they help you reach where you want to be? After a great trip back to my home-town, I find myself realizing just how much the people around me matter.

Journal: No Days Off

(Now Playing: Moosh & Twist – “Way Too Long”, listen to this, and you can’t helped but feel motivated.)

3 days.

3 days left in my semi-annual “vacation”. It’s at about this time every year that I start to wrap up my longest trip back home (this time around I got about 20 days), and try to get back into gear for what I’m told is supposedly called “the real world”. As much as I bitch & moan about Victoria, it’s always nice to come back for some world-class home cooking from ‘Ma, and of course, to see the boys. As much as my Calgary squad has become family, it’s always nice to know that I can come back home around the holiday and see a couple guys that I can truthfully call my brothers.

If there is one thing you’ll notice once you leave home, it’s that your circle of friends gets smaller and smaller with each trip back, until it’s boiled down to the bros that you know you’ll have for the rest of your life. What seemed like not enough time in first year for me to see everyone, can now be accomplished in a night or 2. You start to appreciate the people around you more than ever, and realize why you really fuck wit’ em.

For me, I was able to trim the fat and be left with a brodie-gang poised for success. When I left for university, I was the ONLY one in my friend-group not heading out to play post-secondary sports. Now, even though a few more NARP’s (that’s a non-athletic-regular-person for you non-brodie’s out there) have joined the roster, 4 years later everyone is hitting their stride. Some are still playing sports prepping to go pro, some are chasing degrees, some are working literal graveyard shifts to build up that bank account, and some are working hard at copping that very first HMO (S/O to Miller). Basically, there is no bums in my circle – brag worthy indeed.  Not only is do I have a set of fam to always rely on, it pushes me to be better, knowing that I’ll get roasted in the group-chat if I fail. Quick shouts to Bone, Dingo, Garrison, C-Mor, TD and the whole mob . If I’ve ball-me’d with you, you probably made the cut too.


The best example of what I’m talking about, is the quietest*, but probably most hard-working of all, TD – AKA Terrell Davis (*quietest except when he’s nagging me to write him a post). Since my first class at Mount Doug, 8 years ago, in Mrs. Pillay’s S.S. 9 class (memory game crazy) before I even knew we had a football team, Terrell always stood out as a someone who would do everything they possibly could to achieve their goals. After leading our high-school team to multiple championships, then making the journey out to Arizona State University for 2 years to experience NCAA football, TD transferred to UBC, without missing a step along the way. After finally cutting out some key distractions from his life, TD and his brother, Marcus, were able to lead their new squad to a CIS Championship a few months back, in UBC’s first trip back to the bowl game since 1997… #NillEra? (Sorry UofC, still Go DINOS) Topping off this list of accomplishments, today it was announced that he will be 1 of 3 T-Birds attending the CFL draft combine in Toronto later this year. Nothing but congratulations from me, buddy!


The significance of any of this? Well, it really comes down to what I’ve learned from this group of guys over the years:

1. Keep Your Circle Tight – Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed and achieve happiness in all aspects.

2. Celebrate The Victories – Find ways to celebrate both the small and big steps you take on the “pathway to success”… word to DJ Khaled.

3. NO DAYS OFF – It may seem contradictory to the last point, but it is all relative. You can’t be consumed 24/7 or you will risk turning passion into work; a fine line that should never be crossed, although every chance to exhibit effort counts.

I sit here right now, at 12:33 AM on January 7th – my birthday – writing this post, advancing my brand, and honing my skills. Just because it’s my birthday, does that mean that the next guy who wants it just as much as me, is taking the day off too? Not a chance. At the end of the day, after 20 full years of life, I realize that every second I spend now, means 2 more seconds of relaxing when I surpass all my goals later. It’s all part of the grind that I’ve accepted.


3 days left, and my vacation has been great. Aside from blogging all Christmas day, reaching 100,000 views on New Years Eve, and finalizing our new clothing line (Spoiler Alert: We’re dropping something soon), I’ve been able to catch up on a few well deserved hours of sleep, and enjoy the mild weather. Good people all around me, I feel refreshed. The grind; To be continued. 2016 is going to be BONKERS.

Two Word; One love,

Head Birthday-boy Hospey

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