New Music: TRIPSIXX – We Own The Night EP █♣█

This is the year of 201(6).

Toronto has become the new meta for emerging hip hop stars. The competition has been fierce up north. Rep the 6′ well and you might make it under the spotlight. If you’re wondering where the brightest light is, then look no further to OVO (October’s Very Own). They have been nothing shy of great raw talent in 2015 that includes Roy Wood$, PATYNEXTDOOR, Majid Jordan, and headmaster Drizzy Drake.

Who do we got next for the new year? Let me introduce you to TRIPSIXX, another rising MC from the Toronto streets. It seems like he’s got close affiliation with OVO (friends with Roy Wood$ and carrying countless ‘OVOUTU’ tags on his social media accounts”). But I wouldn’t just be talking about him if he was just an accomplice of OVO. TRIPSIXX has just released a new EP titled We Own The Night with one of the more “seductive” cover arts to represent this project.


After 2 listens through the EP, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is down for music that appreciates the bar game and the meticulous layers that are engraved into each track. Don’t be shy to give the rest of his Souncloud a try. He gives us a good taste of his strengths and variety in his short but sweet collection of songs.

Led by his standout track “Savage Shit”, TRIP released a music video for the track and gives us some background to the video:

“While I was making ‘Savage Shit,’ I channeled some of the absurdly irresponsible and substance-induced restless nights I’ve experienced,” … “The video is a small glimpse of how we kick it on a day-to-day: bitches, blunts, liquor and squad. Just a couple of the necessary ingredients when partaking in savagery.”

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