Ray to Riches: Volume 12

Good Sunday to my young masters. Every week there’s a new reason to be excited with a new playlist of the hottest, newest, and underrated tracks that have surfaced during the week for your pleasure. As you jam along to the new tunes, if you’re a little more interested in my own (boring) life, then there’s a short story included that covers virtually any topic that reflects what I’m feeling at the time. These could be memories, experiences, feelings, and etc. This is my weekly recap in a nutshell.

1 week. 1 story. 7 days. 7 songs.  This is,

Ray to Riches: Volume 12

Date: January 17 2016
Topic: Asians + Fast Food = $$$?

Last night I went out to eat with a couple of friends at a Thai/Laos restaurant. It was a glamorous-looking place. It had the appropriate Asian vibes with the fake tropical trees and the wooden splashes around the dining area and along the wall making it seem more authentic. I’m Chinese myself, but a lot of times I can’t tell what other Asians’ ethnicity just by simply looking at them. I need some sort of indicator, which most of the time happens to be their tongue of mouth. As I hear one of the waitresses mumbling something to another worker, I notice that they are speaking Chinese.

How the fuck are the Chinese people running a Thai restaurant? Pad Thai, Laksa… alike in many ways to the Chinese cuisine they also share a lot of differences with each other. Every time I think about it it boggles my mind. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but 80% of the time I get sushi, they are run by my people. MY PEOPLE making Japanese-oriented sushi. Last time I checked half of China despises Japan.

The market is definitely over-saturated with Chinese fast food as with all the typical burger joints. But it’s insane how all the Chinese are expanding by taking other cuisines and making a profit. Is it ruining our culture? Are we invading into other’s cultures and making them look bad? Is it for the money or is it simply a means of survival?

As I was eating my food last night at this “Thai/Laos” restaurant yesterday I slowly realized how this restaurant seemed more and more like a Chinese restaurant. I look around me and quickly analyzed the guests sitting around me. White people, Chinese people, Mediterranean… but no Thai (that’s what I think atleast). It looks like we’ve done a good job masking our own Cuisine and selling it to you as something else. We’ve become victims of the Chinese for years now, and I bet you didn’t even know about it. Let’s go China (#Rio2016)!!!

– Raymond

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