The Showcase: Meet Chri$ Born

With well over 60% of the (almost) 500 votes we received, Chri$ Born’s newest EP 20 cruised past the competition in December’s Submission Showcase. With a strong fan-base behind him already, we’ll get you up to speed for those of you just catching up now – question & answer style.


Meet Chri$ Born

“Chri$ born, 20 year old artist from Detroit, Michigan. Rapper, producer, engineer, designer, etc. He truly does it all. His album “20” was dropped to celebrate his 20th birthday, entirely self produced and mixed, with features from his brothers blaze underwood & Richardvstheworld.”

Q: Who are you, and what city are you repping?
A: Chri$ Born; Detroit, MI.
Q: Describe your style of music, and your biggest influences:
A: I don’t really know how to describe my music, other than its just me like whatever I make, I make. It’s no sound I’m really trying to stick with. My biggest influences are Kanye west, travis scott and childish gambino.
Q: Tell Us A Little More About Your Submission: 
A: My EP, album, project, mixtape – shit, whatever you wanna call it –
It’s really just songs I did and thought were good enough to make something with haha. It’s all produced, mixed and mastered by me. S/o all my bros from the GC who pushed this for me, they the realest.
Q: What is your favourite album of all time, and why? 
A: Damn, This a Hard question. but probably nevermind by nirvana, I love that album so much yo.
Q: Who are your favourite artists in the industry right now? 
A: Right now, other than my influences who’ve been dropping some heat (except bino) I say Sean Leon, Tre capital, and Mathaius young.
Q: Where can we hear your music?
A: On my Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and bandcamp
Q: What is the next big thing project fans can expect from Chri$ born?
A: Kinda working on 2 projects at the moment. Recently my hard drive died on me, so This is like a fresh start for this year. Also look out for DSCB and Erotica. All my brothers on the come up man.
Q: What do you have to say to any Canadian fans our there?
A: S/o to all them, I really fuck with the wave out there, especially in Toronto; lowkey wanna move there, haha.
Q: Finish the sentence: The hardest lesson I’ve had to learn about the industry is…
A: ..Is that you can’t please everyone, some people will fuck with a song heavy and others will say it’s trash. so if some people say it’s trash don’t let it get to you cause someone else gonna think it’s lit.

Very rarely do we get submissions by artists who fully produce, mix, and master their entire projects by themselves, and when we do, the quality usually just isn’t there. So far, Chri$ Born has been one of the few exceptions to the rule – no amateur sounds here. Hell, the mixing on this project is better than the mixing on a handful of mainstream projects (cough*, SURF, cough*).
With over 900 followers amassed on Soundcloud already, its clear that the masses are already starting to sense the talent radiating from the Detroit rapper. The heavy sounds of “Fuccin Nasty”, which features RichardVsTheWorld, shows off Born’s versatility, while “WE GOOD” perhaps acts as the standout of the project, where listeners can really hear Chri$ Born sit back and hit his stride.
Redleafgoldteeth would like to extend proper congratulations to Chri$ Born and his 20 EP for winning the December 2015 Submission Showcase with a whopping 69% in our strongest field yet. Follow the progression from here, over on Chri$ Born’s Soundcloud page, here. The future is bright!
Look out for the January 2016 edition of The Showcase in a few weeks, get those submissions in!

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