RLGT 100 Word Review: Rockie Fresh – #TNIWT

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RLGT 100 Word Review: Rockie Fresh – The Night I Went To


A la J. Cole circa 2010 when Friday Night Lights was released as a mixtape full of songs slated to be on his painstakingly long-awaited forthcoming debut, Rocky Fresh delivers The Night I Went To. TNIWT, inspired by the ups-and-downs of tour life, is unmistakably Rockie’s attempt at finally getting a release date from the MMG label that has been arguably stifling him – proven by features from the likes of Chris Brown, Rick Ross (fittingly), and mega pop-star Ed Sheeran. Unfortunately, after multiple setbacks and delays TWINT was quickly given a release date and a dropped for free as a mixtape. Late hero of the mixtape era (His 2012 Electric Highway is a blaring personal favourite), Rockie’s newest project delivers album quality once again, with his signature monotone story telling flows of the paper chase. Adding a little diversity to the project are tracks like the Brown assisted “Call Me” which features a peculiar beat-pairing for the Chicago artist -possibly an attempt for radio play if the project dropped as an album – but fortunately comes across as natural. Overall, Rockie doesn’t step too far out of his zone on The Night I Went To, but brings all the quality that could ever be desired – as an album or a mixtape.

Rating: 83-93/100 – Would’ve made a strong debut, leaving some room for growth on a second album (reminiscent of Big Sean’s Finally Famous: The Album); 83.  As a mixtape it’s near perfection; 93.

Standout Tracks: “Don’t Change” – Technically a bonus cut, by my definite favourite; Old Rockie fans will dig it. “Down To Roll” – Showcases Rockie Fresh’s ear for getting on perfect beats (See “Top Of The World”). “Call Me” ft. Chris Brown – The pop side of Rockie Fresh is unexplored for the most part.. I dig it.

Rockie Fresh – The Night I Went To, available everywhere for free, now. Stream below.


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