On last weeks edition of Passion of The Weiss’ Weekly Rap-Up there was an interesting little (not little) track that closed off the ceremonies by a dude named DUTCH. All the info on said rapper/producer named after my second favourite baked potato chip brand is there and its next to nothing. That’s really cool, because in 2016, with the exception of So Help Me God/SWISH/Waves, we know too much about everything. DUTCH is something we can be genuinely excited for and should be genuinely excited for. But, until we know exactly what we’re going to be excited for, all we have is MNNSLTR, so lets take a look at it for what it is: incredible.

Typically, jumping off listing names of black police brutality victims overloads the front end of a song, but here, its simply a tipping point thrown precariously edged before a veeerry steep drop. What follows is a caustic overflow of rage, cathartics, distortion, id, and skill. The beat varies in depth and density throughout the seven minute iliad, but rarely reaches what could be described as a “height.” It continually burrows deeper though crust, darkness, seemingly, through possibility. DUTCH seethes, taking shots at racism, the church, government, the world, murderers, suicides, bosses, rebels. Pretty much everyone who aren’t and rightfully so; not many in recent memory opt for such blunt conviction over astute political pandering. More should.

His corrosion could turn battery acid into chocolate milk. The beat could turn Olympus into a sand garden. Do you know what dying is? How alive are you? DUTCH has the answers, but he’s not likely to give them up anytime soon. He’d rather pummel you into submission. MNNSLTR is post-Death Grips for those who’d rather throw a cinderblock throw a Wallstreet window than onto their own toes.

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