RLGT Premiere: Brett McCrady – Silver Lining

Redleafgoldteeth is proud to premiere the newest single from Canadian artist Brett McCrady, titled “Silver Lining”. Well known around the west coast for his self proclaimed “beachside-pop” sound, “Silver Lining” sticks with the tried and true formula, delivering feel good vibes that’ll make you think it’s Summer in January. RLGT got a chance to speak with Brett McCrady to learn a bit more about the artist and his new single.

Silver Lining is available on iTunes, today!


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  1. They call me Brett McCrady.
  2. I’m originally from White Rock, B.C., a place most known for a white rock.
  3. My first ever original song was called Casualty, because the ladies were my kryptonite.
  4. When I was a kid, I looked up to John Mayer. To me, he is a guitar wizard.
  5. My favourite musical acts in the industry right now are Lake Street Dive, Jack Garrett & Benjamin Longman (another local artist – check him out!)
  6. To me, authenticity is the most important quality in a person.
  7. When I’m not making music, I’m crunching numbers as an Accounting major at the University of Calgary.
  8. In 10 years, people will say Brett McCrady is “still singing about his emotions”.
  9. The hardest lesson I had to learn about the industry is that everyone has an opinion, so it’s important to believe in yourself and your craft.
  10. Every struggle has a silver lining.

Brett McCrady is a 21-year-old hailing from British Columbia and his music will make even the darkest of days seem a little brighter.

The singer-songwriter, now residing in Calgary, is prepped for the release of his new single “Silver Lining” and the sophomore EP that will soon follow.

McCrady first released his debut album Coastline Paradise in 2013 and the debut effort paved the way for him to open up for well-renowned acts such as Blue Rodeo and Jeremy Passion.

After the release of his debut, McCrady made it a point to establish himself in the local music scene in Calgary by taking part in Café Koi’s Singer-Songwriter Open Mic night. “I found a home at Café Koi, where I do my best to perform at their Singer-Songwriter Open Mic every Tuesday. In fact, Café Koi was single-handedly responsible for providing me with the chance to record this single,” said McCrady.

In September of 2015, Café Koi hosted the Artist Springboard Contest, where McCrady was named winner. As a result of his victory, he was given the opportunity to record “Silver Lining” with Steve Rokosh of When Sparks Fly Productions.


McCrady explained that he wrote “Sliver Lining” during his first year of university in the basement of his residence building and the fruition of the single was inspired by a conjecture of love and affection. “On a near-daily basis, I would drag my equipment over to this basement to play and write music for hours on end,” the singer-songwriter expressed. “The inspiration for the song is very simple; At the time, I didn’t have a significant other, but I suppose that I was subconsciously wondering what it would be like to find my other half. When I picked up my guitar, the music came, the words started taking shape, and the rest was history!”


When it comes to musical style and inspiration, McCrady’s composition can be described as simplistically optimistic. His self-described happy, beachside pop music is inspired by the likes of John Mayer and is designed to lift the spirits of those around him. “I figure that there is enough sadness in the world, so I want my music to lift people up with every listen” he blissfully explained.

McCrady encourages Calgarians to go out and get involved with the local music scene in Calgary, as it’s a beneficial experience for both the listener and performer. “One of the things that us performers love so much is experiencing the immediate, genuine reactions of listeners” he noted, “At times, it gives us a new perspective on our own music. Since shows can be an unforgettable shared-experience for artists and listeners, I think it’s definitely worth exploring your local music scene.”

Officially available everywhere tomorrow, listen to an exclusive first listen of “Silver Lining” down below, and be sure to grab the single on iTunes now! Be sure to leave a like over on his official Facebook fanpage, and bookmark www.brettsongs.com for news and updates.

Expect to hear the name “Brett McCrady” on a larger scale, very soon; Bright skies ahead.

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