Ekali Enhances Flume’s “Smoke And Retribution” █♣█

3 things in life are guaranteed: Taxes, death, and the fact that Canadian producer Ekali is always up to something.


Earlier, last week Australian producer/super-hero Flume dropped off his second official single from his upcoming EP SKIN, the aptly titled “Smoke And Retribution”. The track incorporates all the classic sounds, synths, and percussion that helped merit his original success on tracks like his “You and Me” remix, but this time with an unually great twist in a verse from rapper Vince Staples. Also featuring crooner Kučka, the tune was an instant hit the moment it hit the interwebs.

Today though, Vancouver based electronic producer Ekali delivered a breathtaking remix that even makes the original seem feeble in comparison. Gaps, fluttering in an out, a signature of sorts; Where Porter has his glitches, Ekali has his textures. Altering the order of the acapellas, the female voice commences the track, leading up to what the listener can be sure will be an astonishing drop – it is. The 2 minute mark hits and we are re-introduced to the bars of Staples, catapulted by futuristic thumps of the wood-block, windows being smashed, and an unmissable electronic pulsation. By Mortal Kombat standards, Ekali nears the “FINISH HIM” stage of the match during the final fade, but decides to spare his opponent, leaving fans hoping for that last ounce of greatness, wanting more.

A few more rattles, and the most exciting 4:11 seconds of your week comes to a close. By the time you have come back down to reality, you realize this was only a remix. After his hard-hitting remix of “Threatz”, you’d think we would know better by now. No amateur either when it comes to originals (his track “Unfaith” was sampled by Drake last year on IYRTITL), Ekali is simply one of the best doing it right now.

Check out the complete track above, and head to Soundcloud to listen to more of Ekali’s potent catalogue. 

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