Open Letter: Feel The Love #RLGT1YEAR

Feburary 3rd, 2015; One year ago. To sound as cliche as possible, what started off as a mere thought, and goal of sorts, turned into what Redleafgoldteeth is now. 12 months, 365 days, 465 posts, 107643 views, 72431 visitors, 2 clothing lines and an endless amount of memories later, here we are. To say its been a crazy journey so far, would be a disturbing understatement. The support and love that we’ve received over the last year means more than any numbers ever will.

Although there will never be enough ways to say “thank-you” for everything, this post is just a little reminder of how appreciative we are of EVERYONE who has shown love over the last year. Happy Birthday, RLGT. #RLGT1YEAR

Enjoy some letters from each of the founders below, and don’t miss the exclusive 2016 playlist at the bottom – Our way of saying thank you.



rlgt1yar (2)

Well, I’ll admit it. It creeped up on me.

Did a full year really go by that fast? Was I really sitting in CMCL 303, 365 days ago doodling the original “Canadian box logo”? Was it really this time last year, that I was typing out the first ever post to this website, anonymously, wondering if anyone would ever it? Time is strange that way I guess.

It, this, really does feel like an accomplishment though. To describe the feeling to somebody else, the corniest metaphor I can think of is a paper airplane. You kinda just slap it together and hope it flies. But there is something about building something with your own hands, with no resources what so ever, and watching it come together. When people ask how we did it, I always love explaining how as college kids we are in the perfect environment to do it all on our own – especially this generation. The amount of hidden talents within every single kid in every single one of your lectures is completely astonishing.

This whole project has been completely “organic”(Cliche? Another one. But it’s real). From meeting Husson is one of my COMS classes (and bonding over Kanye) and finding out he had been wanting to start a project like this on his own, to discovering some of the most talented writers at the school from every damn corner of the school (3 different faculties between the 5 of us), to commissioning talented local artists to polish our image, to the models, to the photographers, to the guest writers, it has all been organic. Who knew a bunch of kids could accomplish all this with no backing? The team around me is literally the strongest motivating factor in my life. The amount I’ve learned from these guys (besides how to start a KTT thread) is unbelievable.

Above all, the love we’ve received from everybody has been amazing. It doesn’t matter if you bought a tee or just slapped a sticker, read every post or only read one, every effort has been realized, never overlooked, and always appreciated. Hell, if this is the first post you’ve ever read, you’re appreciated.

This wild social-experiment is only just beginning – hopefully you’ve stick around, and play along. Thanks for everything.

Two words; One love,



It’s been one year.

We’ve created, we’ve built, we’ve grown, we’ve flourished, we’ve inspired.

When you start something from the ground-up, it’s hard not to have expectations. It’s even harder to blow your expectations out of the water completely.

In the last year, I’ve felt inspiration, love, appreciation, I’ve been challenged, and I’ve been rewarded beyond my wildest expectations. There’s something about writing your dreams and aspirations down only to see them come into fruition right before your eyes. From note pad to reality. Every college kids dream, right?

This brand has served as an experiment of culture and a gateway to inspiration. It’s brought out so much, not only from us, but from the community around us. So much effort, growth, dedication, and appreciation was needed for this brand to thrive, and we have been gifted with more than we ever though we could receive.

This experience began with the meeting of two like-minded individuals in a intro level communications class. It’s a story that starts with: “You listen to Kanye?” and continues today, on February 3rd 2016: redleafgoldteeth’s one year anniversary, in it’s latest chapter.

Rest assured, the upcoming chapters will only be even more special. We have an entire dedicated and talented team here with us. We have an an incredible support system and following. We have a plenitude of wicked ideas. And most importantly, we have the inspiration to last a life time. So, thank you.

husson z


We really do mean it when we say EVERYBODY on this journey is special to us, but this whole thing wouldn’t be possible without these people (in no particular order, sorry if we missed anyone): Raymond, Gurnoor, Thomas, Andy, Olivia, Deji, Kasia, Momma(x2), Colin, Troy, Geraldine, Kab, Stephen, Chyann, Zxyro, Royals Management, Patrick, Alicia & Katya (we listened to a lot of Drake during the process), the Brodies, “the squad”, Marcus, Umer, Brett, Jerry, Angie Chiang, Lisa, Heidi, The First Colleen, Sharon, Nigel, Dillon, Scott Mescudi, Amanda, Dakota, Hamza, Emily, Katy, Jarreau Vandal, Yams (RIP), The Den, Johnny, Ini, Ryan, Metro News (JK, eat my shorts), Kenny, Witchoria, Casey Neistat, Kanye, Nice Tips, 5K, The UofC Gym, Every girl that curved Hosp in 2015, Every girl that didn’t (HMO!), The guy that broke into the car and stole our first ever two shirts we made, Kirkland Brand Hospey (1-6), Soy Milk, The Flabongo, The guy who let us on the top floor of 8th avenue place, Father Don Dusty, Joe and Rune, Dot da Thot, The guy who…. ok, you get the point


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