Super Bowl 50: A Fans Guide To Doing It Right

Alas, the big day is finally here (almost); 32 teams started the journey in August, and now only 2 remain. The biggest day in football! Or, if you’re in the majority of the general population, you are more excited for the absurd commercials, celebrity sightings, halftime entertainment (cheerleaders in skimpy outfits never hurt anybody), and of course all the junk-food that is temporarily socially acceptable to devour!

Ahead of Sunday’s big game, we’ll give you a run down on how to do Super Bowl 50 the right way, along with a few entertaining predictions!


RLGT x Super Bowl 50: A Fans Guide To Doing It Right


Tips For The Perfect Super Bowl Viewing Party


Let’s begin our preview with arguably the most popular part of Super Bowl Sunday, the commercials. With ads reaching millions of people around the world (S/O to YouTube for us Canadians), and with companies spending 1M+ for 30 seconds on TV, you can expect the ads to be must-see-TV (RLGT pro-tip: save bathroom breaks & beer refills for kickoffs as to not miss the commercials). The usual suspects like Budweiser and Doritos will have their ads like always, but as a marketing major, I’m looking forward to seeing which relatively unknown companies use the super bowl advertising as a “launch pad” for their company as did many years ago. There is bound to be at least one commercial that causes some sort of a social media storm, so this is the one day of the year that paying attention to the commercials will actually be entertaining.


If you have ever been to a super bowl party, this section will serve as a good reminder, and if this year is your first super bowl related festivities, class is now in session.

When planning for super bowl food, I like to follow a few simple rules:

1. Whenever possible, have the food pre cooked or choose something that can be made up in under 1 minute. Nobody wants to be that guy who misses this because they’re too busy taking chicken wings out of the oven. Since meeting RLGT founder Negele, I’ve became real fond of the personal sized microwave nachos. While not ideal for a large party, they can be made in 58.4621 seconds exactly – arguably the perfect amount of time.

2. Serve finger foods only! While everybody enjoys a nice steak, you and your guests do not want to miss a great play or awesome commercial because you’re staring at your lap cutting something. Keep it simple.

3. Make/bring enough foods that will last the whole game. Nobody likes running out of chips halfway through the quarter and having to get up and get another bag. Make sure you cook multiple pizzas and hit up Costco for the big bags of chips that will last 3-4 hours.

4. Take food out of packaging. This rule is probably the most important rule, remove foods from the noisy packaging it comes in. Nothing wrong with removing foods from packages and placing them in a bowl/plate. Few things are more annoying the crinkling of packaging because your friend didn’t grab a big enough handful of chips during the last kickoff

5. Serve foods that make minimal mess on the hands/clothes. I love chicken wings as much as the next guy, but the sauce can make a real mess of your hands and favourite Peyton Manning jersey, not to mention it makes grabbing your pint an added challenge. Go for foods that require minimal dipping or are sauce free, a few great choices include: nachos, dry wings/ribs, pepperoni, chips/popcorn (Word to T.O.), and my personal favourite; pigs in a blanket. Best part of these foods is that they agree with all the other rules, they can be left out all game, are definitely finger foods and have no sauce.

Follow these 5 simple rules and you will have the best possible food experience for minimal dollars and effort.


As far as entertainment goes, we can talk about the commercials, or the halftime performers (S/O Coldplay & Beyonce) all we want, but who are we kidding. The camera man has only 1 job during downtime: Panning over to the dance-teams.

The cheerleaders are a great treat during the game for the whole family (granted your whole family consists of drunk college bros, presumably like us), so go ahead and get yourself familiar with Denver’s cheer-squad and Carolina’s second most important roster (I couldn’t think of a good Panther/cat pun; I know, I’m dssapointed in myself too).

The Game: Who To Bet On


The biggest story line going into the big game has to be the Peyton Manning-Cam Newton dynamic. For Denver, arguably the greatest quarterback to line up under center, Manning, and for Carolina, the hot shot, fun loving Heisman Trophy winner and probable NFL MVP, Newton.

Peyton Manning hasn’t looked himself for much of the year and even lost his starters job to Brock Osweiler (who?) for a part of the year. However, although his body is failing him, he still has the best mind we’ve ever seen in a football player and his ability to get his team lined up in the right play will be critical to Denver’s success. On the other side of the ball, Cam Newton, has some physical tools that Manning has never had, a stronger arm, and he can run faster than even some running backs can (see Eddie Lacy). It will be a match-up of mind vs. body, but also the passing of the torch from the old guard to the new one.


Another story line to watch is the special teams game, as Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski recently found out, extra points (or lack there of) can make the difference between a win or a loss. A huge advantage goes to the team that can get great field position with a kick/punt return or who can get some extra points from their kickers.

  Who Has The Edge Why?
Rush Game Panthers Have to give the edge to Carolina in the ground game, the number 1 ranked rush team has not only Johnathan Stewart, but Cam Newton who ran for over 600 yards.
Pass Game Broncos Peyton Manning has 2 weeks to rest his arm and 2 weeks to prepare mentally. Combine that with the depth of Denver’s receiving core and they have a definite edge over the Panthers.
Overall Offense Panthers Newton’s arm and legs drive the Panthers offense, and their ability to sustain long drives with the run game gives them the edge here.
Rush Defense Panthers Led by middle linebacker Luke Keuchly, the Panthers are only giving up 88.4 yards/game
Pass Defense Broncos Denver’s pass rush is led by Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware and they will bring serious pressure on Cam, making him scramble and throw the ball earlier then he wants. I fully expect Denver to have 2 or more interceptions.
 RLGT Official Prediction: Denver Broncos win Super Bowl 50

If weather is any type of a factor, the Panthers are definitely the favourite to win. However, with the game being played in sunny California, the weather should be ideal. I think Peyton has one last game in him and I will never bet against the greatest mind on football. Combine that with Denver’s relentless pass rush, Cam Newton will be forced to run around before he wants to and hurry some passes. Newton has shown throughout his career that he will force passes and make mistakes if he feels uncomfortable. As long as Miller and Ware can knock down Newton early and make him trigger happy in the pocket, Denver will get some turnovers and take over the game.

Final score: Denver 27, Carolina 19. Super Bowl MVP: Von Miller

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