Kanye Deep Cuts

UPDATE: The album dropped. Read this later, go listen to it now. Go on. Shoo.

You dig that new Ye? Aw, shit, that’s too bad.

Well, since we’ve officially reached #PeakKanye I thought I might as well instill your troubled timeline with a little advice: acquiesce. It’s not often the most enigmatic, narcissistic, thoughtful, selfish, genius and stark raving insane artist of our lifetime lives though a creative monsoon so publicly. I know, I know, there’s no new Kanye to listen to at the moment, but soon enough there will be and our thirst will be quenched. Regardless of his place in the public sphere, his creative streak has yet to include any real misfires, so if he thinks The Life Of Pablo needs a bit more tinkering, we might as well just deal with it. Besides, if it means we get seven more songs out of it, who are we to dispute?

Until then, the only thing you can do, the only thing any of us can do really, is just embrace it. Revisit his catalogue. Maybe stumble upon something new? Wouldn’t that be magical – rediscovering some forgotten Kanye West songs? Of course it would. Here’s a few we tripped over in our search for Pablo.



White Dress (2012):

Released as part of the above average soundtrack to an average movie, RZA’s The Man With The Iron Fist, White Dress swiftly fell out of memory because the internet. It’s really too bad, as it’s one of West’s most genuinely poignant songs. He plays it very cool, a little cheesy, and completely honest. Like a very good rapper in the post Kanye era.


Never See Me Again (2009):

Following the scorched earth nuclear holocaust that was the 2009 VMA’s, Ye recorded this long, little diddy. An eight and half minute low-fi freestyle over one of the simplest loops of his career, Never See Me Again is at once triumphant. Some of his best lines are on here, and until MBDTF was one of the best claims to him as a legitimately talented pure rapper. It’s excessive, sure, but never boring. Come to think of it, kinda like the man himself.


Half-Price (2003):

Before he ditched the pink polo for a charcoal hoodie that’d been clawed by an endangered Siberian tiger and blessed by Hedi Slimane, Ye was riotous goofball. Around 808’s he really lost his immature sense of humor, which, if history tells truths, is the best sense of humor. His 2003 mixtape, I’m Good was a fun affair. Take “Half-Price”, a pre-College Dropout post-The Blueprint beat originally used by Lil Kim only to be made more fun by Yeezy. When his tastes were a little simpler and he had to be on Trina’s time.


Line For Line (1996):

Grav had an album, a very good one at that, in 1996 produced by some punk named Kanye West. He produced eight of the fifteen tracks, including posse track “Line For Line.” By no means is it a star making performance, but he was only nineteem years old at the time and I couldn’t have been able to think up a line like “In a life or death situation I come through with the Chi representation/ And bleed you pussies that be marked like ovulation” so kudos to him. Still, as a posse track coming out of Chicago before the turn of the millennium, this is pretty damn good.


Mama’s Boyfriend (2010):

The spite. The sneer. The feels. THE FEELS.

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