Watch: G-Eazy – Order More ft. Starrah (Video)

“The new project was not only a chance to prove himself as a more versatile artist, but to really show that he’s got what it takes to be amongst the heavy-hitters in the game… G-Eazy easily impresses”

During our 2015 Year-End Review, we pinpointed G-Eazy’s surprisingly strong sophomore effort When It’s Dark Out as our 4th best album of the year. Jam-packed with the near exact collection of versatility we had all hoped for, WIDO features some predictable G-Eazy fratty radio-rap bangers, but also boasted an interesting interior perspective. Songs like “Some Kind Of Drug”, and “Everything Will Be OK” anchor the project with rightfully moody lyrics, but today another standout from the project, late-night party song “Order More” receives its accompanying visuals.

Fitting withing the grey motif of the entire project, “Order More” enlists the help of Starrah (who sounds a little bit like Rae Sremmurd on this hook – in the best way possible) for the intro and chorus. “I got racks on the menuuu”, begins Starrah, while the grainy, vintage style shoot flicks through freehand clips of money, girls (girls, girls), and bottles – but its different, kind of. As mentioned, the theme of the project is “darkness”, and that is still quite evident in the video. Though it can’t really be argued that this isn’t another one of those “Look at me! I’m getting lit in the club!!!” kind of videos, G keeps it real, and it feels like more of a dejected documentary than anything else.



Perfectly put by a line in the second verse, “Fuck you I’m living life, all good don’t need advice“, the listener is unsure whether to be jealous or feel pity; Exactly G-Eazy’s intentions. A lot of reviews on the album referred to the song range as versatility (often deemed unnecessary in his case), but songs like “Order More” that can be played before, during, or after the club, but also double as sadboi anthems are the more obvious evidence of just how clever the man really is.

But, don’t take our word for it – check out the visuals below via WSHH, and if you’re still sleeping on G-Eazy, check out a stream of When It’s Dark out, here.



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