The Timeless 6-Panel #Sadcap – 35$

12517059_10156723418745002_119163115_o (2).jpgAt the end of the day, a career, a lifetime, isn’t the end goal to become timeless? For the classic design that is the red box logo, the passages of time are but a mere co-incidence. Nothing says timeless like a style that your dad probably rocked as a kid, and could probably still pull off – the #sadcap.

Price: 35$

Sizes: OS

Color(s): Navy

Subtly washed Navy, unconstructed 6 panel ball-cap, featuring the classic red Canadian Box Logo embroidered on the right side of the hat, and a “timeless” embroidered across the front. Brass clasps and a soft under-brim to complete the look, because details are everything.

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