The Showcase: Best Submissions of February 2016

Want to get your music heard by more people?

The showcase is a brand new RLGT monthly segment, that will help up-and-comers do just that. Instead of trying to stay on top the the multiple submissions we get each week, we’ve decided to give the best user submissions of each month a chance to be heard by a whole new audience. We’ll take a handful of the best tracks sent to us each, toss ’em into the showcase, and let the viewers vote on their favorite. After 7 days, winner takes all. The winning artist will not only get the bragging rights, but will also receive a full feature article and mini-interview about their submitted track/project, that will be seen by thousands of Canadian, American, and international hip-hop fans alike. Vote once a day for your favourite submission!

The show must go on; Welcome to The Showcase.

The Showcase: Best Submissions of January/February 2016

(Check out December’s winner, Chri$ Born, here)

Cellus Hamilton – Church Politics

To celebrate the release of his CCPT3 mixtape (available now!), Cellus Hamilton has just released the video for his single “Church Politics” in creative hip-hop style. The visual arrives just one month after the official release of the project, and will be followed by videos for “600 Degrees Below” & “Mojo”. The video – directed by Nick Beauregard of Blakkhouse Films – is an unfiltered expression of how human tradition & religion divides people like politics. In “Church Politics”, Cellus Hamilton returns to his hip-hop roots; and resurrects the lyricism that grabbed the industry’s attention in 2013.

Citysleep – Skeletons █♣█

Meet Dexter Mabanta and  Jerrick De La Rosa, better known as Calgary the music collaboration project called Citysleep. Started by De La Rosa, with the idea of fusing electronic beats, made by himself, with a number of local musicians from a variety of genres. After a month of writing and composing the duo came up with a number of songs, including the latest, “Skeletons”. Attempting to show people just how diverse and ever expanding the music scene of Calgary, and Canada in general is, Citysleep does just that.

Malitia Malimob – Mob Mix

We all got that preferred potion that brings us together with friends to toast and celebrate life. Malitia Malimob celebrates accomplishments with a toast of their signature drink of choice,  the “Mob Mix”. Today we get the official visuals for the lucid new cut in its honour,”Mob Mix”. This one is attached to the recent mixtape Sport & Coke, available for download now!

Kaydee – Finding Balance █♣█

The time has come for the unveiling of Kaydee’s newest video ‘Finding Balance’. As we grow older and our schedules become more hectic, it becomes harder to maintain balance in our lives. Sometimes there isn’t enough time in a day to fit in what we truly what to do. The record, “Finding Balance”, goes into depth about finding balance within self and how others can find balance. The Toronto product has been featured by the likes of Complex and more already, so you can trust the break-out date can’t be too far.


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