Who Is dvsn? Meet OVO’s Newest Signee

I still got ‘da vision, like a line between 2 dots

What do you get when you cross the crooning abilities par to that of the greatest R&B heavyweights, with the adventurous beat pairings only usually reserved for those in the recent “New Toronto” movement? Meet dvsn, a mysterious new duo poised to make a splash.

Earlier this week, news broke that there has finally been confirmation (well, kind of), that dvsn (pronounced “division”) has officially signed with OVO Sound – the label of course known for being ran by Drake & associates. Who is dvsn, you ask? Well as of now, VERY little is known about the nineteen85 (producer; born Paul Jeffries of Toronto) associated act, but early reports say the project is a 2-man effort, that according to Noisey most likely includes Jeffries and a counterpart, based on some evidence posted on instagram almost 2 years ago. Furthermore, other sources suggest the Jeffries singing accomplice in the project is a Daniel Daley, also of Toronto, who recently shut down all of his own social media accounts, leaving no trace behind (coincidence?). Again, this is all merely speculation at this point, but if the shoe fits, and the beats slap…

UPDATE 3/2/2016: Shortly after Daley took down all of his stuff, the dvsn Soundcloud page has also been stripped of every track except for “Hallucinations”… something is coming. S/O to Tyler for the tip!


Either way, if the news of joining OVO wasn’t enough to get you excited, you can believe that the music will be. The most recent dvsn drop, “Hallucinations”, glides effortlessly over a simplistic sample based beat, while the vocals prove provocative at the very least. Fuego.

Peep the track below, and stay tuned for the latest developments. Hit soundcloud to check out all of dvsn’s limited, but incredible feed. Best believe this Canadian talent will be at the forefront of popular music, sooner than later.

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