RLGT Premiere: Zach Taylor – Vacation

“Honestly, this my best shit yet”

From the makers of the Soul Rap Experience, I’d like to introduce you to your new favourite lay-back track, “Vacation”.


Zach Taylor – all the way out of Nashville, Tennessee – first caught our attention almost a year ago with his impressive project Soul RapThe freshman project from the young lyricist drew a lot of interested ears, and the mini-EP that was Y&Y was no different. Drawing almost 100K plays on the Pink-Slip produced party cut “WA$TED“, Taylor now has fans everywhere anxiously awaiting his next big drop.

vacationToday, Zach Taylor has blessed the RLGT family with some brand new music, aptly titled “Vacation”. An escapists dream, “Vacation” features Soulection smooth vibes courtesy of Samurai Del, and an intoxicatingly simple hook that’ll have you singing and snapping along by the second stanza. Comparing the love of a significant other to getting away on vacation, versus taking a psychedelic trip, Taylor wants you to just sit back, and enjoy.

The process for Taylor lately has been nothing but hard work – day & night – but he maintains the idea behind this song comes from a much lighter place:

“I really want the kids to get out of their head and just relax with this song… Like [even] I’ve been so pent up in school and stressed out, that sometimes you forget to just count your blessings and live”

For the first time, premiere “Vacation” by Zach Taylor below, and listen to the rest of his catalogue over on Soundcloud. The timing is right, summer is right around the corner; expect this to be a huge song -and don’t forget where you heard it first. Enjoy.

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