RLGT Spring 2016: #Timeless

At the end of the day, a career, a lifetime, isn’t the end goal to become timeless?  Unforgettable by any standards, for all the right reasons – classy and defined, yet innovative. Youth culture is about so much more than forging our own paths; sometimes, something beautiful is possible just by putting a new spin on an old favourite. Create your own legacy, and lets all be the catalysts of a timeless generation.

Enter redleafgoldteeth’s official Spring 2016 line. The time is now…

Spring 2016: Timeless █♣█


For the classic design that is the red box logo, the passages of time are but a mere co-incidence. RLGT’s new “Timeless Tee” pairs simplicity of the infamous Canadian Box-logo, with the style & comfort of a 10oz, 100% cotton box-cut tee. If you’ve ever slid into any of our previous release, you know just how perfect the quality on these are. All that, topped off with sleeve embroidery on the right side, reminding you of the goal.

Shop the RLGT Timeless tee, here.

As an added bonus, we’ve taken it one step further with our latest drops. The #timeless Spring 2016 line also includes the release of a new favourite. The Timeless 6-Panel sad-cap features subtle embroidery across the front, as well as the Canadian box-logo along the right-hand side. Unconstructed crown, curve-brim, and hits of brass on the clasp and strap to complete the look. After all, nothing says timeless like a style that your old-man neighbor probably rocked as a kid, and could probably still pull off.

These will be super limited (EDIT: All are conditionally sold out at the moment, check back later in the week), but there will be more #sadcap releases in the very near future.

Shop the RLGT Timeless 6-Panel #sadcap, here.

Join the conversation on social media with the hashtag #Timeless, and be sure to tag and follow RLGT on Twitter and Instagram to be featured & re-posted! SPECIAL THANKS to @DejiBakare of Royals Management for modeling the new pieces.

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