New Music: DUTCH – No Measure

DUTCH – No Measure

Hey guys. How’s it going? You look nice.

Back in January I chatted up on the next in line of Toronto’s mystery export. DUTCH’s “MNNSLTR”, the sole post on his barren Soundcloud account, was at once everything Toronto’s nuvo-Memphis is and isn’t. Unlike the rest of T. Dot’s output, it was dirty and animalistic, like DUTCH’s Air Maxed heels were backed into a corner baring fangs and frothing lips. But for all its distortions and desperations it was still a pristinely produced and executed nocturnal movement. The production wouldn’t have been out of place as some demented B-side from IYRTITL. It was, for lack of more succinct vernacular, sooo fucking sick.

Well, in the wee small hours of this morning DUTCH added a spiritual sequel. “No Measures,” is a meditative slow-burner, more meant for late-night couches and candles than twilight protest and molotov cocktails. It’s still distinctly DUTCH though; layered, echoing, and grimy. Considering he’s got two songs to his name, swinging a signature sound between his legs is damn impressive.

For all the corrosion on “MNNSLTR”, “No Measure” is for it’s part a beautiful affectation. It’s hectic yet, though not angry. Angsty, if anything. Behind the reverb and descending synth DUTCH sounds genuinely nervous, overwhelmed and embracing it. Bass rolls in following at least three tracking vocals, sounding like it’s being inhaled through the wrong end of a vacuum. He could have been listening to Burial or James Blake or Jai Paul or Majid Jordan or all three while doing peyote at Joshua Tree. Maybe some Jeremih in there. Probably some Jeremih in there*. Who knows.

You can keep Lil Yachty; #DUTCHwatch continues.

*You should always involve Jeremih in whatever creative process you’re undertaking, that’s just a personal belief. He’s an important part of a balanced routine -like breakfast or beer. It’s actually amazing how much more engrossing wiping the streaks off your windows can be if “Pass Dat” is soundtracks the moment.

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