New Music: YG ft. Nipsey Hussle – FDT

YG – FDT ft. Nipsey Hussle


I’m very highly educated. I know words, I have the best words…” – Donald Trump. Legit.

YG’s 3/3 on singles in the last year. “Twist My Fingaz” has bounce unheard of since Cube was rollin’ with Lorenzo in a Benzo. “I Wanna Benz” had the best 50 Cent feature in years. “FDT” is maybe the best with no intention of being so.

YG’s one of the more unflinching artists around today. One of the best hitmakers coming out of LA’s swarth of hitmakers, the evolution of his since “Toot It And Boot It” has been more streamlining than anything. Each of the three singles mentioned above hover on the success of little more than a baseline, a synth, and the MC’s. It’s pristine G-Funk, stripped down so all that’s left between dungarees and bandana’s is a sneer. He’s never shied away from violent tendencies or harsh realities, but they remain to seem unwarranted. “FDT” is on the verge of Black Panther, rejecting an inevitability that Nipsey, so so aptly, puts it: “..thought […] was a joke.” Pundits less stressed than this were funny a few months ago. Now, in less than 300 days, Donald Trump could become the next president of the United States—sadly one the most powerful positions in the world. It’s not funny anymore, it’s real. Shits scary. If YG and Nipsey are apprehensive, we all should be.

The track begins with an excerpt from an interview with Tahjila Davis’ following her embargo from a Trump – Drumpf, sorry – rally at Valdosta State University. She was one of nineteen. They were all students.

“FDT” is fucktwittable because its yet another example that you don’t necessarily have to rap about pre-mature ejaculation or over Jazz instrumentals or text Kendrick an apology to have a message. It’s acutely political, a takedown worthy of CNN, NBC, Comedy Central, certainly Twitter. “Fuck Donald Trump” is scathing without pretension. There’s no cringeworthy honesty, just facts and solid arguments. It’s impassioned without being embarrassing. Traditional ignorance can no longer be viewed as socially apathetic when it’s just as influenced. YG and Nipsey are just as much reporters as Don Lemon or Brian Williams, but they’re probably more honest.

He’s a cancer. Fuck a wall. Fuck anyone who follows. Fuck Donald Trump.


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