New Music: Ronnie Dylan – Again

“Where the c*odeine, I be coughin’,

I’d be lying if I didn’t do it often,

So I walk in looking like I own the place,

Got a bag of tricks, in it’s own case”

Ronnie Dylan – Again


The BOY is back – No introduction needed for one of Seattle’s finest up-and-comers, and not to mention an RLGT favourite (if you’re just waking up now, get educated quick, here, and then come back).

Late last week saw the return of Ronnie Dylan, once again teaming up with A-1 producer Jake Crocker (who has made quite a name for himself in the PNW scene as well, most recently on Sam Lachow’s new album, as well as production on Raz Simone’s new burner “Missin’ Joogs“), on a smooove new cut titled “Again.” Summertime ride-out music at its finest, Brian “Warmgun” Chinn provides the subtle guitar riffs throughout, while Dylan does his thing – but really, did you expect anything less?

All lightness aside, the growth we’ve been able to witness over the last year of less has truly been amazing. Likened to a young G-Eazy by the family over at GoodMusicAllDay, expect the next few Ronnie Dylan tapes to make some MAJOR noise.

Lets help him make this one huge. Stream “Again” below, and be sure to toss the Ronnie Dylan a like on Facebook to stay updated on all the latest releases. Expect more new music soon – #RonnieSeason, anyone?

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