Ray to Riches: Volume 22

Greetings, young masters. Every week there’s a new reason to be excited with a new playlist of the hottest, newest, and underrated tracks that have surfaced during the week for your pleasure. As you jam along to the new tunes, if you’re a little more interested in my own (boring) life, then there’s a short story included that covers virtually any topic that reflects what I’m feeling at the time. These could be memories, experiences, feelings, and etc. This is my weekly recap in a nutshell.

1 week. 1 story. 7 days. 7 songs. This is,

Ray to Riches: Volume 21

Date: April 9th, 2016
Title: injuries suck

I blew out my shoulder playing dodgeball last week. My very first throw of my very first game caused my shoulder to get dislocated. This wasn’t the first time it happened, but it’s first time I wasn’t able to pop it back in without needing professional medical assistance. I had later found out it’s illegal for someone out of the professional to pop shoulders back in, because it may unknowingly cause permanent damage.


Anyways, it was the first time I got admitted into the hospital for a shoulder injury. Excruciating pain to say the least, having to wait three hours to get the shoulder popped back in. They’ve advised me to stay in a sling for the next 3-4 weeks before receiving physiotherapy. I am definitely living through some inconvenient circumstances right now. Using one arm for everything is a lot harder when you ACTUALLY have to use one arm for everything. I’ve been able to work through most of the inconveniences, but there’s been one area that’s been extra difficult.

Next time you go for a shit, try wiping your ass with the other arm. I kid you not, using the bathroom has been the hardest part about this injury. Side note: The injury occurred on my left shoulder. I am left-handed. Put everything together. If I can’t use chopsticks, I’ll use my hand. If I have to e-mail someone, I’ll just call them. There are no alternatives for using the bathroom though. No one will wipe your ass. No one is going to pull your pants down for you. You’re Mr. Solo Dolo.

Your motor skills become so habitual that most things you do on a daily doesn’t require thinking. But now that I’ve lost my dominant hand throws off every routine I’ve ever been used to doing. I don’t require surgery, but the next couple of weeks will be a challenge.

– Raymond

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