Views News: Will #VIEWS Be A Double-Disc?

Since it’s only 5 days until the world is graced with Views From The 6 (to be known as Views by all of the cool kids from here on out), I decided it would be time to do another round-up of all the good stuff surrounding the release. Current debate on the docket:

Will Views be a double-disc album?

Earlier today, the BOY himself took to Toronto for his latest  merchandise pop-up shop, and took the time to make an appearance for the fans along with a few new tid-bits of info. Explaining that the project will be about 20 songs and adding that himself and his producer 40 have been hard at work, Drake also mentioned that the official cover art would be releasing later. Just a few moments ago we were blessed with album artwork and needless to say, its pretty damn cool.


As one would suspect, the former half of the information only added fuel to the fire that the project might indeed be a double disc project, with separate sections between the New-Toronto dancehall style, pop-Drake sound, and the rest being a strict rap project. The release of his first 2 singles, “One Dance” & “Pop-Style” and their corresponding artwork were the most recent keys leading to rumours, with a yin-yang style, altering color-ways, and very different, distinct sounds. On the early album building process, 40 was quoted in the NY Times about Drake’s intent to make a pure-rap project – “After ‘Nothing Was the Same,’ Drake was like, ‘I want to do a rap project,’” Mr. Shebib recalled. “He wanted to do what all the other rappers get to do.” But that approach is “a thing we can’t do that much on a Drake album,” he continued. “We have other fans we need to satisfy.”


At the end of episode 19 of OVO radio where an April release date was announced, it was stated that “more than enough music for the year” would be included, with lots of new stuff for the fans. Furthermore, as mentioned before, today at the very same pop-up shop, Drake noted that their would be about 20 songs, which by modern standards would be quite a hefty tracklist, although it must be noted that his last 2 projects were both 16 songs each. When asked if this meant that Views would be a double disc, in classic Drizzy braggadocio, the 6 god replied with a mere smerk and a chuckle. Sometimes no answer is the only answer needed.

All of this, coinciding with the initial “4+2=6 theory” as conspired by the members of KTT (I’ll let them explain), it seems there are many signs pointing towards exactly what many fans have been hoping for; Views From The 6 might actually be a 2-sided album.As with anything in this industry, nothing is ever solidified (just ask Chance the Rapper…), but come April 29th summer sixteen officially starts – not to mention information of Drake & Future’s summer sixteen tour leaking online today as well. All I can say is “man, what a time…”

Look for Drake’s Views From The 6 due out this Friday. For more on the double-disc theories, check out this thread.

UPDATE APR. 27: VIEWS TRACKLIST IS OUT AND IT LOOKS LIT! 20 SONGS! Still no clue as to if their will be some sort of division in the project, but this isn’t good news for anyone expecting separate tracklists.


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