Journal: What Would You Do?

It’s one of the most simple questions anyone could ask, often paired with scenarios that are anything: What would you do? If you were faced with anything from meaningless adversity, all the way to life-chance tragedy, how would you act? What would you say? Who would you help? What would you wish for?

What would you do?

Journal: What Would You Do? █♣█

Alberta Wildfire 20160506
Fort McMurray on Friday, May 6, 2016. via THE CANADIAN PRESS

During a recent visit back home, a casual conversation made me consider a fundamental question about life and society: What would you do? However, the question probably wasn’t in the context that you might think. We sat and discussed how one should act when accepting accomplishments in life. Long story-short, those involved with the conversation decided that there are essentially two schools of thought: those who celebrate every victory vs. those who take everything in stride for face value. It can be a fine line, but for the most part people fall on one side or the other. For me, it was easy to see that I am the type of person who likes the celebrate every win, no matter how big or small.

In the days following, the topic quickly changed, and once again I found myself wondering. By now, I’m sure that just about everybody has had a chance to get up to speed with the tragic forest fires that the Northern Alberta city of Fort McMurray have been struck with over the last week. As of now, almost 1600 homes and buildings have been destroyed, and up to 90,000 people evacuated – not to mention the thousands more displaced. The definition of a natural disaster – yet somehow nothing about this catastrophe seems “natural.” How can it be that something so unfathomably “unnatural” like this happens in nature? Nonetheless, for many the question of “what would you do?” quickly became “what are we going to do for those effected?”

So, ask yourself right now what would you do if you house, your belongings, your place of work, your community, and essentially your life, were all ripped away from you in one foul swoop?

Alberta Canada is no stranger to adversity & calamity, yet somehow we seem to always make it through our toughest times together, small steps at a time. Small triumphs at a time. Small victories at a time. I have not a single doubt in my mind that this time will be no different. As it seems like all the greats have said before us, “we will rebuild”. Although blessings might seem few and few between right now, working together is the way we will make it through this, and grow stronger from it.

The initial conversation I detailed above came during a sit-down I had with one of my best friends in the world, about my website (the pride and joy of my current twenty-something year old live) hitting the 100,000 visitor mark. My personality of course wanted to celebrate, but not only celebrate, but share this moment with others and give people even a glimmer of the joy that I was feeling at the moment.

This weekend while I was home after consulting my business partner in this crazy venture, we decided to re-stock 50 of our #timeless tees on top of the few that we already had left in stock. We are proud to say that 100% of the profit from the remaining #timeless tees will be going to aid the rebuild process to all the lives devastated by the 2016 Fort McMurray forest fires. We here at RLGT feel that without the immense support that we have received over the last year, that we wouldn’t be where we are today – now it’s our turn to offer some support to some people that we hope in 1 years time will be able to feel the exact same way. The idea behind the #timeless tees was leaving a legacy, and what better legacy to contribute to that someone in need?

All colors of the #timeless tee are available again now (blue is very limited unfortunately, due to timing), available for pick-up in Calgary, or free shipping to anywhere within Canada. To simplify the process, just email us at for any information on sizes, colors, or to place a domestic order for a tee or 2.* For those who may already own a shirt, gifting is also available! Shirts will be priced at $30 CAD.



Since this is somewhat time-sensitive, we aim to raise $1000 by Sunday, May 15th! Help us offer a small victory worth celebrating to someone who deserves to smile. RLGT will also be matching an extra percentage of the donations as well.

*Contact through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are also readily available means of contact, although response times may vary

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