RLGT Top 10: Last College Summer Bucket List

RLGT Top 10:

The Guide To Enjoying Your Last College Summer


As the summer is kicking into full gear more and more everyday, the team at RLGT have decided to create a summer bucket list – 10 things that are must-do’s this summer, especially before graduating to the real adult world for the rest of your life. For most of the team, this summer represents our last summer before the real world starts, so here it is, the RLGT summer 2016 bucket list:

1. Go real camping

Leave your phone/computer/iPad etc. at home and go camping with nothing but your friends, your thoughts, some beers, and the night sky. It is actually unbelievably liberating to not have a constant distraction from your pocket and be alone with your thoughts and forced to socialize with people you care about.

2. Watch the sunrise/sunset from somewhere peaceful.

For me this is from the ocean-side, but it can really be from anywhere. once again it is a nice break to have 30 minutes in your day with no stress or worries and just enjoy the pure beauty of life. Find a nice lookout and grab some good company; Then, just indulge.


3. Do something you do not do as often as you would like.

Living in Alberta, I do not get to go fishing as much as I would like to so this year it is a major priority to make it out to grandma’s and get up with the sun and spend the morning fishing. Find something that you haven’t done in a while, and get after it! Roadtripping may or may not be included.

4. Go somewhere with no plan.

Last summer Negele and I ended up on Stephen Ave. one night and ended up in some rowdy little hole-in-the-wall bar. The food was amazing, the drinks were cheap and the crowd was very fun and lively and I can honestly say it was one of the best nights of the summer. Too often in life your entire day is planned out so doing something in the spur of the moment can be a nice change.

5. Day drink.

When else in your life will it be acceptable to have some drinks in the middle of an afternoon on a weekday? Take advantage while you still can, this can also lead into #4 quite nicely. Beersby, anybody?

Frisbee Sticks

6. Go to an open mic night.

Comedy clubs or open-mic night at a bar is a great way to face your fears and get more comfortable putting yourself out there in a room full of people you don’t know. Who knows, maybe you will love it and the crowd will love you?

7. See a ball game.

Nothing says summer like spending an afternoon in the sun watching some baseball. Whether you’re in a big league stadium, watching the local minor league team or seeing the STUD at second base hit bombs for the Weyburn Beavers, nothing beats a sunny summer afternoon with a frosty adult beverage watching baseball.

8. Go to a music festival

All your favourite artists bundled up in one place, jam packed with 3 days of good times?Pick a place on the map, buy some tickets and just drive (this list item can easily be combined with a classic roadie). And I mean hey, I hear Osheaga 2016 has a pretty crazy lineup this year…


9. Splurge on something you have your eye on.

Being in your early 20’s, you have minimal responsibility and your whole life to make back whatever cash you blow through now. I’m not saying go buy a new Ferrari, but go ahead and buy those concert tickets, book a weekend in a fancy hotel, travel. Treat yourself because at the end of the day its only money, and you can’t take it with you when you go. See y’all in Vegas!

10. Block out every distraction and live life.

This should be done everyday regardless of the time period in your life, take some time and listen to some new music or do some drawing or something relaxing with nothing distracting you. Often in life people are constantly stressed or on edge about something, but at the end of the day unless it is life threatening, it is not worth the constant stress.

Semi-optional #11: Listen to a #fire summer playlist

The RLGT squad took the liberty of throwing together another little playlist for y’all to kick this summer off right. Continuing with the #shmacked summer theme from last year, this year offers the perfect setting for your chill summer evenings, and upbeat summer parties. Vibe out to Drake, Post Malone, Chainsmokers, and more, here:



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