Haiku Reviews: Skepta, Radiohead, James Blake, Aesop Rock, Drake

Haiku Reviews; pretty self-explanatory. It’s been done before by far better, but hey, poems are fun. Rocky Dennis did poems, you know. So did Shawn Hunter on Boy Meets World. Am I better than Rocky Dennis? Absolutely not. Are you better than Rider Strong? Unconfirmed, but unlikely. They did poetry, so we best heed their life-as-mantra.

Haiku Reviews

It’s been a busy past few days – grime made its formal introduction across the seas; titans of rock re-emerge with bloodshot eyes; a post-dubstep wunderkind plinks piano and prunes vocal chords; the underground’s sharpest stalwart devours encyclopedias; 82 minutes of a grown ass man mental-backflipping his narcissism into enticement.

The UK’s cross continual revival is better than Strong’s, and Aesop Rock told even better stories than Rocky Dennis.’ Drake has garnered more fame than all of them combined. So is Views better than Mask or Girl Meets World? No. Hell no.

Here’s 85 syllables.



Skepta has arrived

British takeover round two,

sans the lame bowl cuts

RadioheadA Moon Shaped Pool:


Radiohead’s back

Thom Yorke is sad as ever

Sad makes for great tunes

James BlakeThe Colour In Anything:


He still sounds so cold

Wearing a sweater music

Get a jacket, James

Aesop RockThe Impossible Kid:


Virtuosic gifts

Invest in a thesaurus

Just try to keep up

Drake – Views:


He’s a living meme

The internet’s Frankenstein

We made a monster

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