6lack Is The New Black

Watch out for the new black, because this kid from East Altanta is comin thru’; Meet 6lack.

6lack Is The New Black

After recently publicizing his affiliation with LVRN (Love Renaissance), 6lack becomes the second artist to be signed under the creative agency -Raury being the first. The sudden rise surrounding him is gaining traction, fast; 1,000,000 play counts between only four songs posted for his 14k followers on Soundcloud. In one month.

His identity seems to be a mystery right now, but his young collection of work is already receiving plenty of acclaim from around the internet. As we expect his name to become more common on the internet, more and more information about this young talent will surface.

On his website, 6lack shares a lengthy note dubbed “here’s to being free,” detailing his ups and downs through the music business. What comes as a surprise, though, is when 6lack talks about the struggles of trying to take off when previously signed to a label owned by a ‘popular artist’.


6lack has pressed the reset button and is now free from what had could be described as captivity. Although details were excluded from the story, this seems to add to the growing trend of musicians being limited due to the control of the higher ups.

If you’re looking to hear a fresh RnB artist, look no further. With some attributes comparable to the likes of Bryson Tiller and Johnny Rain, but with a unique feel, the cryptic identity of 6lack makes for an interesting & myserious character. Major heat incoming.


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