Is Chance the Rapper’s “Same Drugs” About Vic Mensa?

Over the last few days many music fans were taken aback by the alleged disses towards Chance the Rapper from long-time friend & collaborator Vic Mensa. Seemingly out of nowhere, but has this “beef” actually been brewing for a while? We’ll explore a standout cut from Coloring Book for some possible evidence.

Was “Same Drugs” Written About Vic Mensa?


June 8th, 2016: Vic Mensa tweets “im anti phony. you boys so fake the truth will come to light. thats why i spit that real in my music. you just pretending. we dont believe u

June 9th, 2016: Vic Mensa edits Chance the Rapper out of birthday picture with “friends”, out of nowhere. 

June 10th, 2016: Vic Mensa freestyles for the LA Leakers, sending CLEAR shots at Chance again – “TV Personality, Stephen Colbert”

What is going on with Vic Mensa & Chance the Rapper?

Once the closest of friends and collaborators since their youth, this once well-renowned relationship has divulged into an extremely awkward rap feud. Although neither camp has confirmed anything, fans have began noticing some heavy cryptic shots coming from Mensa’s side over the last few weeks, including a series of tweets and bars directed towards a certain “fake” artist and (former) friend. The unenviable ending of this riff seemed to culminate in the ending of a friendship when Vic uploaded a picture to Instagram captioned “Birthday with Friends”, editing the original photo of himself, Chance, Jay-Z, & Beyonce, to one of only himself and the latter, with Chance sloppily blacked out. The usage of the word “friends” and the edit seemed to point to an obvious problem between the two Chicago sons. The relationship between the two dates back to Vic’s 10 Day  feature on “Family”, and had grown over years of collaborations on each others tapes including Chance’s help on a few Kids These Days records (Vic’s band that split-up).

So why the sudden hostility? Truthfully, everyone is still asking themselves the same questions. But a recent r/ChancetheRapper thread & KTT post have surfaced new speculation about a certain Chance the Rapper track off of his latest project, that might lead to some possible proof and pre-cursors of the strained friendship. Many listeners now believe that one of the standout songs off of Coloring Book, the extremely emotional cut “Same Drugs”, is actually about Vic Mensa and Chicago.

We’ve taken the liberty of gathering some info on the track, as a possible rebuttal to Vic’s track “Danger”, which until now lacked much context:

  • “Wendy” – This name is referenced a couple times throughout the track. An obvious allegory to Peter & Wendy in Peter Pan about not growing up, Wendy also is a double entendre referencing the Windy City, Chicago.
    When did you change?,
    Wendy, you’ve aged
  • “Don’t you miss the days?” & “Wide eyed kids being kids” – 2 references in “Same Drugs” to Vic Mensa’s time in his band Kids These Days. Chance was good friends with Vic back during these days, when they were 18-20 year old kids experiencing their first glimpses of fame. Vic talks about the groups break-up in his latest release “Theres A Lot Going On.”
  • “Don’t You Miss The Danger” – A clear rebuttal to Vic’s track “Danger”. The song was released at the Yeezy Season 3 premiere alongside TLOP. Possibly around the time that Vic found out that his part on “Wolves” was cut, and definitely around the same time that Kanye West was praising the influence of Chance the Rapper for his help with the project. Along with his part on “Wolves” being dropped, the song he co-wrote with ‘Ye, “All Day”, was also dropped from the project.
    • You know me I like the danger  vs. “Don’t you miss the danger” – Part of the hook in “Danger” is noticeable in “Same Drugs” to those who can read between the lines. Chance seems to be begging for Vic to reminisce on the good times. Furthermore, Vic references a “she” in “Danger” a bunch, very similar to the she, Wendy, in “Same Drugs”
  • What did you do to your hair? –
  • The entire idea of “Same Drugs” – Chance states he and the subject don’t do the same drugs anymore – in a reddit Q&A he mentions that he definitely still does the drug, but “she” doesn’t. Referenced in the “Danger” again, Vic says “Tryna quit cigarettes going through withdrawals“, a habit that Chance has condemmed but definitely han not kicked yet; his cigarette stained smile, all covered in sin.
  • Lying through they teeth niggas too fakeThat’s the reason really, really why I hate you all” & “Save Money Summer” – Another line in “Danger” that is eerily similar to Vic’s “Save Money Summer” freestyle on the LA Leakers the other day. Could have been an early sign of the beef with Chance, that until now lacked any sort of context.

So there you have it. As of now, obviously this is all speculation, but with no clear answers as of yet, the forum-heads might be on to something here. We’ll keep an eye on the situation so stay locked to this post as we will be updating it with any other findings as well! Let us know below if you find any more similarities between the situation & the lines in “Danger” & “Same Drugs”.

Special thanks to Genius for the annotations!

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