New Music: Wade Hampton – What You Want ft. Garrickson

Nashville’s Wade Hampton returns with his 4th release and a cool little anecdote about to chemistry involved with making a hit.

Wade Hampton – What You Want ft. Garrickson (Prod. Qole & Gamal)

what you wantdone.png

Whatever goes into making a hit,  Wade Hampton has certainly figured out the formula. Acting as only his 4th major song release, the ambient track “What You Want” provides a sultry man-made chorus section a la Francis & the Lights, with the trademark relaxed arrogance of the Hampton vocals. Polished and punctuated during every moment of the quick 2 minutes, it might serve as quite the shock once it’s realized that the entire track was written and recorded to a different production – before being masterfully hijacked by the perfectionist ears of Gamal.

One of the coolest, most organic stories of a collaboration that I’ve ever heard, Hampton described the experience to me:

“So Qole (producer) and Garrickson (singer) had this super dope EP they collaborated on together called With You. If you get the chance check it out. Anyways, I had listened to it and they both ended up contacting me to collab so of course I was down. They were from Dallas and that’s where I’m originally from so when I finished up my exams I went back there. I linked up with them 4-5 times when I was in Dallas and it was super productive. Every time we got something done and we all vibed well together. Its weird, Garrickson and I are super similar, personality wise, and especially when it comes to writing. We literally wrote the same exact lyrics for the hook on that song without even knowing it until we showed each other.

Then we got Qole! He knows where everything is supposed to be in a beat and really listens to the artist to see what they’re asking for. He also makes super dope artwork, including the one for “What You Want”.

Lastly, let me introduce Gamal. Gamal is a producer engineer songwriter, artist…etc. everything. This guy has one of the best ears and knows exactly what he/we want to hear. We sent the stems of our vocals to him and he came back with a completely different beat. He still kept the hi-hats and snare but everything else was different. The whole vibe had changed from arrogance to this almost sensual sound we ended with. He moved around my vocal takes and layered that whole hook part to just sound HUGE. The guy is crazy good at what he does.

Overall the collab with Qole, Garrickson, and Gamal has been amazing.”

The end result is yet another gleaming sure-to-be smash in the young catalogue of Wade Hampton. Better yet? A budding creative, working relationship. Hampton teased to me that more work between the 4 artists can be expected on a small project coming out this fall/winter. With a real personal concept that even I couldn’t pry out of him, we’ll just have to wait and see. “It’s gonna be something everyone will connect with.”

Stream the new track below, and be sure to check out all of Wade Hampton’s release on his soundcloud.

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