1st Of Tha Month: What’s Coming In August 2016?

With some crazy hints from Chance, Kanye, & Frank, August 1st itself looks like its going to be something special. Beyond today, what else do fans have to look forward to in this final month of summer sixteen?

1st Of The Month: August 2016 Preview

2016 has already been one of the most notable & eventful years in music, and hip-hop specifically without even having to name name’s, and August looks to keep the streak alive. We’ll get into a couple of the most highly anticipated days of the month, but first, lets take a special look at today, August 1st, 2016, and why it might just be the biggest day of all year.

August 1st, 2016

3 names: Kanye, Frank, Chance.

3 of the biggest names in the game right now, with 3 huge surprises with no prior warning are all set for today. Firstly, according to the Source, we are set to get some new music from Kanye West today a 2pm EST on BBC Radio 1 w/ Annie Mac when the recent interview between the radio host and Yeezy is finally aired.

“In addition, on the radio station’s website, they reveal that Kanye will be supplying radio personality Annie Mac with the “Hottest Record,” a.k.a. a brand new banger that no one has ever heard. Similar to Zane Lowe’s “World Record” over at Beats1 Radio.

It all goes down at 7 p.m. UK time, so adjust your world clock’s accordingly.” – The Source

Then we have Chance. 2 days ago fans were met which 2 options (“A” or “B”) in a random Twitter poll, followed by the phrase “turn notifications on”; this led to the announcement of a surprise concert for his hometown fans last night at the Metro in Chicago. Once again though, only hours before the show another poll popped up, this time “B” or “C” being the 2 choices, with the header “tmw?”. Welp, today’s the day, and still no hint of what it might be…

And lastly, in what may be the most exciting news of the day, comes from the ever-mysterious Frank Ocean. After breaking hearts as the clocks swiftly shifted past July 2016 (the month that stans were certain Boys Don’t Cry would finally drop), the waking hours of August were rang in with an updated artist site, and a new “livestream”. As fans stayed up, fingers crossed that this was FINALLY it, it soon became clear that the stream was actually a looped “art installation”, and not a stream at all. As almost 8 hours have passed at the time of publishing, there have been a few changes to the stream, but nothing has become clear yet. If you have Safari on your computer, or you own an iPhone, be sure to check out the stream, here.


With Chance’s tweets unexplained and his link to Kanye and Frank clear, and with Kanye also centering his latest Twitter rant around the pitfalls of Apple Music vs. Tidal and how its killing the music game, could the 3 be connected? New music from Kanye on the day that we’ve been promised a surprise from Chance, and Frank finally returns? Hmm. *Logs into KTT – “Inb4 Kanye announces that he executive produced BDC, and drops the first single, “Plan B” ft. Chance the Rapper on BBC :KHALED:”*

August 5th, 2016

Also falling into the highly-anticipated-long-delayed variety, is the newest expected release from Travis Scott. After apparently announcing the release date last weekBirds In The Trap Sing McKnight could turn out to be the most successful project yet with leaks leaving the even the deepest corners of the interwebs raving, and the first unoffical single “Pick Up The Phone” ft. Quavo & Young Thug already doing some pretty impressive numbers. If everything goes as planned, we’ll have some new La Flame to bump by this weekend.

August 12th, 2016

As proven last year, the Ear Drummer boys know how to throw a god-damn party. Rae Sremmurd is set to finally drop #Sremmlife2 in mid-August and we couldn’t be more excited for it. With some heavy singles from the project already making the rounds, and a sure to be cult classic track with “Do Yoga”, the gang will attempt to prove their staying power, while competing again none other than OVO’s PartyNextDoor. PND is also set to drop P3 on the same day, and although this might not be the same caliber as 50 vs. Kanye in 2007, we’re guaranteed to get a ton of great music on the 12th. Consider them the soundtrack to your party, and then the lonely night afterwards.

August 26th, 2016

Now, perhaps the day I am personally looking forward to the most, August 26th. POSTYY; Yes, the day has finally come (well, almost). In what may surprise some, the “White Iverson” rapper-singer-songwriter-musician is indeed still kicking around, and has left more than enough that would imply he will be around for a long while. The aptly titled mixtape August 26th served as a pre-cursor earlier this year, garnering a lot of attention even while dropping on the same day as Coloring Book, and his summer single “Go Flex” might just be the best thing we’ve heard yet. Post Malone may be the only person who doesn’t feel the need the prove himself, but regardless, the tentatively titled Stoney will be a  defining moment for the young creative.

Aside from the few mentioned, drops from French Montana (MC4), Tory Lanez (I Told You), and DJ Snake (Encore) amongst others have all been confirmed for August. Expect summer 2016 to go out with a bang.

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