Raggamuffin; Life’s Greatest Revelation

If you’re looking for something fresh to listen to during the rest of your summer, then look no further to these #summervibes offered by the one and only Marley…… no not Bob Marley. We talkin’ about PRACTICE son, we talking about Stephen “Raggamuffin” Marley.

As one of the 8 (1 adopted) glorious children of the legendary Rastafarian, Stephen has continued to fulfill those around the world with much of the same happiness that his father did decades ago before he passed away from Melanoma cancer in 1981.

As a 6-time Grammy award winning artist, Stephen Marley is back at it again with a brand new album, titled Revelation Pt. 2 – The Fruit of Life. His 4th solo studio album is a follow up to his 2011 release, Revelation Pt. 1 – The Root of Life.

Raggamuffin’s latest project is suitable to end those long August nights that often remind us of all the extraordinary memories that we created during the summer months and reflect on our greatest moments before having to return to school or preparing for another shitty winter. With a plentiful variety of Hip-Hop features, it makes for a perfect fit to keep the Reggae album relevant, innovative and sonically cohesive.

With many heavyweight features, including Rick Ross, Black Thought from The Roots, Busta Rhyme and much more, it doesn’t take away the fact that Marley has the gift alike his father to be able to let his audience love and appreciate the most rudimentary elements of life through song.

Hop on over now to Spotify or on Apple Music to listen to Revelation Pt 2: The Fruit of Life.

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