To Whom It May Concern:


To Whom It May Concern:

It’s been a good run.

Before we even say anything else, I want you to picture this:

Two years ago, you’re sitting in a University classroom, most likely tuning out the professor, and you’re dreaming about making something. It was going to be made for you, for by, and you could do whatever you wanted with it, and take it as far as you wanted it to go. You drew up a logo for fun in that same class, went home slapped together the original Canadian box logo in Microsoft Paint and grabbed a WordPress domain. Redleafgoldteeth is born.

You start publishing articles for a few weeks anonymously, only sharing a post on your personal social media once in a while. Before you know it, you meet a classmate that really fucks with the entire movement and a creative collaboration is born. The ideas keep getting bigger and better. You assemble a creative and motivated team. You start actualizing your dreams, one-by-one.

And then, things start to slow down.  

Well, here we are. January 1st, 2017.

What started off as a recreational creative blog seamlessly became an unintentional and amateur business partnership. This never changed our approach towards RLGT, it was always just about the grind. The rewarding thing about creating content is the more that you put into it, the more you get out of it. Clothing lines were spawned, page views elevated, hell–people were even slapping our stickers around the world. We worked hard—and failed often—but we continued to put more work into it and could have never expected how far it would take us.

The thing is, that in comparison to the plethora of opportunities we had with the brand, we really didn’t even do that much. It stayed fun, and it stayed casual.

But then, like I’m sure a lot of you can understand, our focus continuously shifted and evolved. We posted less, though (hopefully) posted better content. Furthermore, again as many of our creative counterparts can probably relate too, we wanted bigger projects. Individual news posts didn’t excite us; What excited us was collaborating on bigger posts, or working with local artists for interviews, or filming RLGT vlogs, or making our OWN music. To get one thing straight: from the very second of its inception, THIS WAS NEVER A WRITING PROJECT. This was a culture project, a social experiment of sorts.

We never wanted to make a shitty blog because shitty blogs are edgy, we just wanted to simply make something. We never wanted to make t-shirts and caps to have people lining up for days to grab some generic Gildan merchandise, we just wanted to make quality stuff and connect with quality people. There is no less corny way to go about it.

Naturally, we did all that, and it was one hell of a time, but now we’re faced with the reality of what’s about to come.

Well, one of us is graduating and starting a journey in Australia. The other is half way through his year abroad in Denmark.

The rest of the team is continuing to develop some crazy skills in a variety of mediums whether it’s from the keyboard, behind the camera, or on the slopes.

So a lot of people have been asking the obvious lately: Are you guys “ending” RLGT?


Sorry for the click-bait, I guess we’ve been watching too many vlogs (fuck Fousey) lately. But with all this said, you might not be hearing from us very much anymore, but rest assured we’ll still be around—always working. Always creating.

To be completely honest, it might be an entire year without any activity and you can still stay well assured the next post and the next project is on its way.

Secondly—for the next part of today’s announcement, we are glad to officially unveil RLGT as a community showcase.


Though we’ve never exactly been exclusive, we are now extending an OPEN INVITE to submit writing, or music, or videos, or whatever you make, to RLGT (you can submit here). You don’t have to be from Canada, and it doesn’t have to be about music. Just send us something you wrote, that you take pride in, and if we like it we’ll edit and post it for you (full credits). Remembering the first time the each of us got published by another publication, we know how scary it can be, but we also remember exactly how rewarding it was—so this is our way to give back a little bit and show our thanks for everything all of y’all have given to us.

So, yeah. We wanted to keep this short and sweet.

That’s really it for now. But like we said, we are all always working on projects, so expect some big things from the team soon.

Take care.


Negele Hospedales & Husson Zaman,


PS: In the meantime, keep up with the whole team here:

Hospey: I’ll be starting a personal blog while I travel, check that out here: Hospey, how to

Husson: Things are going to be very quiet on my end for the next few months, I’ve got some living to do.

Gurnoor: Check out all my original music – TooZy on Soundcloud

Raymond: Follow all of my vlogging adventures on Youtube!

Carly: Working on my skiing, in between beers with local bands. Alberta artists hit me up on twitter at @Carlyweiler

Andy: Still watching sports every chance I get. Go Cubs, go! @AndyPer16

Thomas: Keep up with my journalistic freelance work and the progress of my beard here: @thomasjdjohnson

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