PREMIERE: Miles Canady – Got Your Love #MilesMondays

Arlington, Texas’ own, rapper-singer-producer extraordinaire Miles Canady follows up his first #MilesMonday release, the 4-man freestyle “For The Culture“, with a new sensual cut titled “Got Your Love”.



If this is your first time hearing the name Miles Canady, you can be assured that it won’t be the last. The versatile student of music draws from the artistic teachings of the likes of Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and Kid Cudi, who he cites as some of his biggest influences; “My music is really a reflection of my thoughts and feelings. One song could be super upbeat and not too wordy, and the next could be super complex with a lot of thought behind it. It’s all just feeling, really”, Canady explains of his style.

For whatever reason after reading that excerpt, and going back to his collection of music (all of which, including his last full project, The Gradient EP, are all available over on his Soundcloud), that final phrase really stood out to me. “It’s all just feeling, really.” Delving deeper into the mind of the young emcee, I learned a little bit more about him, to try to unpack why that quote seemed so important. The most obvious question is could ask a musician, “what is your favourite album of all time, and why?”, gave me exactly what I was looking for. He replied, simply: “Man on the Moon: The End of Day by Kid Cudi, for personal reasons. It got me through a pretty rough period of time, and I’ll forever be thankful for that.”


The ability as an artist to adjust your mood, or maybe just co-exist with that mood – to make you remember exactly the circumstances in your life at the time you used to bump that particular song, or album, or whatever it may be – is a very special quality, and it is apparent that Canady possesses that talent.

Changing it up from last weeks bar-heavy introduction to #MilesMondays, which will serve as an appetizer for fans, leading up to the Springtime release of his next album Introvert: A Short FIlm, “Got Your Love” slows it down and really makes you think about that special somebody… that maybe doesn’t know that they’re your special somebody, yet. Laid over another brilliant production by Canady himself (which samples “We Can’t Be Friends” by Dream Koala”), Pink Hat Papi vents all of his feelings of adoration towards that aforementioned special somebody. Experimental in form, the track also samples “DND” (An acronym for “Do Not Disturb”) by Kaash, which Canady flips for the chorus.

There’s no one else I’d rather be around,

If I didn’t feel it, then I feel it now

At this point, you’re somebody that I can’t be without

I try to keep you up, it always hurts to see you down

Check out the brand new cut, below, and be sure to check back next Monday for the future iteration of #MilesMonday, part 3 of 4, while we sit in anticipation of Introvert: A Short Film. If you can believe it, Miles Canady is still in high school, but if these tracks are any indication of what is to come, the possibilities are truly ineffable.

Oh, and S/O to the Chano fam.

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