Review: Khalid Breaks Ground With American Teen


On December 29th 2016, Hosp gave us a list of five artists who were set to take over in 2017. Number one on that list was none other than the El Paso teen, Khalid. Sitting here now just two months following that list, I present to you the first major release from Khalid – a ground-breaking album filled with jaw-dropping vocals that represent the growing up of a soulful, inspiring American Teen.

Hospey described Khalid as possessing ‘one of the most delicate & gentle, yet jaw-droppingly unique vocal pallets out there,’ and on American Teen, Khalid proves just that. An artist who emerged across the internet with his smashing single “Location” in 2016 arrives in 2017 firmly placing one foot in the door.

This is just the beginning.

Review: Khalid Breaks Ground With American Teen


If you’ve ever been heartbroken (in the 21st century), you can probably relate to Khalid.

The 19-year-old, hailing from El Paso, Texas describes the atmosphere of his hometown while broadening into the fields of love, heartbreak and growing up. As daylight breaks and the birds begin to chirp, Khalid delivers his story about being an American Teen. In the project titled the same, Khalid searches for his love in his single “Location”, which skyrocketed from the Texas town through to the heavens (/to the sad children of the internet) – even making it on a Kylie Jenner snapchat.

Content wise, American Teen has everything you could possibly hope for in a debut. He breaks into an emotional glee with “American Teen” and “Young Dumb & Broke”, leaping into the 915 and expressing what it’s like to be young. The American Teen bellows about being lost and heartbroken with tracks like “Saved” and “Coaster”, while bringing a melody of artistic experiences together with the song “Let’s Go”. The world just exploded & the ground has begun to crumble with shakes from “Shot Down”. He’s profound, yet thrilling; His voice sinks into his R&B tracks like a membrane, producing that ever-so-satisfying buzz in the listener’s ears.

Amidst the talent that Khalid possesses, it is rather ambiguous to detect exactly where his future will guide him. American Teen may even have a few top contenders when it comes time to start choosing summer anthems for 2017. Hell, it would be no surprise at all if American Teen is considered as the first of several classics from the El Paso native, but only time will tell.

American Teen can be found on most streaming services now – and it’s a game changer.

[Editors Note: Sure, it’s far from perfect, yet at the same time its worth much more than a pity play. Imagine someone giving you the opportunity to re-live some of your favorite artists from the very youth of their career; waiting in anticipation for Kendrick to drop Section 80, or showing all of your friends 10 Day on the day Chance the Rapper dropped it. Yea, I’d liken it to that. Don’t sleep y’all.]


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