That One Time… I Saw Soulection in Sydney

My life is a strange thing. Sometimes I might be traveling across Canada last minute to see Chance the Rapper, and sometimes I might be going to meet one of my favorite artists in Australia – today’s story resembles the latter. A little variety & spontaneity keeps life fun. 

This is the story of that one time I went to go see Jarreau Vandal & Soulection‘s Sound Of Tomorrow play a concert in Sydney. (Note: Please keep in mind a large majority of this post was written as it was happening. Sobriety not guaranteed)

That One Time… I Saw Soulection in Sydney


Friday: After a hail mary Facebook Message, I get blessed with tickets for the Sunday matinee performance.

Saturday: I get asked to come in to work early on Sunday… PERFECT! I might even get off early and have time to relax before the concert, this will be great!!!

Okay, okay. Before I get to the more than eventful 24 hours that was Sunday, March 5th, I guess I owe you all a little back-story.

Waaay back in 2014, back when I barely recognized the name G-Eazy and sure as hell didn’t know who Jarreau Vandal was, I came across a little track called “Let’s Get Lost (Jarreau Vandal Remix)” on 8tracks (back when ya boy was 8track famous, ayyy). Immediately the track caught my attention and became one of those songs that you replay until it literally becomes background music to a certain period of your life. You know the type. Around this time of my life, some pretty weird stuff was taking place, and not only was this song a reference to the happenings – it served as an escape. Until this very day, it still sits in my top 20 most played playlist on iTunes. (Oh, ya. It has a casual 4 million plays now.)

Anyways, though I was a little slower on the music front at this time, this was around the time that I started plotting the earlier stages of this website and I started looking into more of the artists that I had been casually listening to. Jarreau’s catalogue was more than a keeper, his music was special. In a time when I had no idea about what electronic music was supposed to be, there was something about each one of his originals that just sounded right to me. I made a Soundcloud account in order to stan some new releases and then continued on with my life.

The happy ending in the OG saga concludes with a young Hosp shooting his shot on Twitter, asking for a contact email that I could send a piece to. The shot clanks in, and I receive a DM with the email address. I send my piece and an article pitch, and a few days later I wake up to a reply that reads exactly:


He needs it within the hour. By 6pm Dutch time AKA 11am Calgary time. I skip my first class of the day (easy decision), knock out the best piece that I had ever created at the time, and “B.Y.O.B.” featuring the young producer’s own mother is released to the world. To date, the song now has well over 300,000 plays.


Hopefully that clears things up. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Sunday: FUCK. This wouldn’t be one of those “that one time…” moments if something didn’t go wrong.

I get the event notification on the morning of – somehow I failed to realize that the event was actually during the day. WHAT?! HOW! WHY??. The concert going from 3-9pm, with a barrage of openers before Jarreau and fellow label mates, SOSUPERSAM (who gained a new fan) & Lakim, were set to take the stage. My sulky ass pulls up to work at 1, hopeless.

By a small grace of god, I get let off of work at 7:52pm. By my math, that leaves me approximately 68 minutes to get home, change, pre-drink, and get to the show…. before it f*cking ends. Like I said, hopeless…


Time to condense: liquor store across from work? Check. 6 dollar bottle of wine? Check. Bus? Nope, too long. Uber. Check – 30$ (with my bank account showing -6$? Sorry mom, but god bless your credit card). Oh, and about changing and such? Ya, that was all for dramatic effect. Y’all know that the boy always keeps a swaggy set of clothes and some cologne in his bag for occasions like that.

It is 8:06pm now and I’m in the Uber. My homie David is bumping some acoustic guitar covers on Pandora in his air conditioned white Toyota Corolla. I tell him that I’m a ‘music journalist’ (LOOOOL WHAT A JOKE). He recommends an artist by the name of Paloma Faith. He loves the live versions of her music because he can hear the reactions of the fans. We indulge in the music together during the peaceful 23-minute ride to pier 1. What could be better? My worries are temporarily nill.

We pull up like the Fresh Prince intro. The show is UNDER THE HARBOUR BRIDGE IN SYDNEY (I evidently really didn’t look at any of the event info). I can literally see Jarreau shredding thru the window. I Put back a bottle of wine in 3 swigs. Let’s go.

“Sydney are you still alive?!” SOSUPERSAM jests, 8:42pm now as she rings in the final stretch with “Bad and Boujee”, followed a few songs later by “Thought It Was A Drought”. For my first ever dedicated electronic show (I’ve seen a handful of festival sets before), I was made to feel right at home. Jarreau & co. kill it. I skull 2 more beers and make my way closer with every song I know. As the show is coming to a close, I can’t quite pick out the artist who got me on the list for the show, as he has ducked out a few minutes prior to the shows end. Finally, out of nowhere Young Golf Hat Papi appears! After 3 years we finally introduce ourselves, shake hands. I attempt to explain how the hell my African ass name is pronounced. It’s a good great moment. When I started the website in 2015 this was an idol to me. Even if the level of fandom has shifted, never decreased but possibly shifted, it’s a special day.

He heads back into the pit to embrace the mob of other fans calling for him. I wait a few minutes, grab my bag, and gift him with an RLGT tee. The last one I had packed in my bag for Australia.

It takes a minute to set in, but I soon realize how significant the night really is. This is my first f*cking show in Australia. I worked hard as f*ck to make it here, literally and figuratively. And this is JARREAU F*CKING VANDAL.

I cruise the city, 22 minutes back to the train station, and FaceTime an old friend. Like that old friend, Jarreau and I have a weird friendship. We may not keep up but it’s always awesome to hear from them; That’s how I feel when a new Jarreau Vandal track pops up on my Soundcloud feed (LIKE HIS NEW TRACK “SOMEONE THAT YOU LOVE” THAT DROPPED 3 DAYS AGO – don’t worry bro I got you with the shameless plugs still). What a night.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /

two words, one love;


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