Frank Ocean: A Live Experience

A concert album for the man who doesn’t go on tour.


Frank Ocean: A Live Experience

Curated by Cam

Frank Ocean is the most mysterious artist of our generation. Nobody knows where he is, what he’s up to or what’s in store. That being said, he makes incredible music with stunning (yet very limited) live performances. As an admirer of both Frank Ocean and live albums, I decided to curate one synced with the live audio performances of some of Frank’s best songs. Only few will actually be able to see him live, but with this project (mixtape, playlist, album, whatever) it’s the complete auditory experience. Frank’s raw vocals intertwine with those of the audience and you’ll be able to cheer, gasp and sing-along with them as you listen to one of the most brilliant artists of the decade. For those who have been waiting on new Frank music, simply look to this album to hear your favourites in a different environment.

The album opens with an intimate performance of Ocean’s hit Thinking Bout You with acoustics by none other than John Mayer. We transition into the heartbreaking Self Control, accompanied by a never-before-heard introductory verse. Frank performs his solo cut of Biking along with an at that point unreleased version of Forrest Gump and an upbeat Pink + White. Other exclusive highlights include the Good Guy Interlude which provides a longer, very different (yet breathtaking) take on the original Blonde soundbite. Ocean then dives into a soothing Ivy, the glamorous but gloomy Super Rich Kids and my personal favourite Solo. We close out with a live rendition of Nikes where along with the audience, you too will be wishing for “just one more song”. There is a bonus track to look out for, rounding out your experience with a stripped-down intimate studio version of Nikes.


The audio file is available below for download and on SoundCloud. Once downloaded, it can be moved onto either Spotify or Apple Music in a few simple steps. Move it into the music folder on your computer. For Spotify users, open the application on your computer and select Local Files. The Local Files sidebar will show all downloaded audio and so ensure that the folder selected contains the Frank Ocean: The Live Experience tracks. Select and move the tracks into a downloaded playlist, then simply connect your phone to your computer via charging cable and watch the files transfer with ease. For Apple Music listeners, simply open the files through Apple Music on your computer. In iTunes go to recently added, click on the album and from there select “Add to iCloud Music Library”. From there it will download, connect your phone via charging cable and the project will transfer to your phone. Or if that sounds like too much work, which it just might be,  listen to it directly on SoundCloud.


  1. thinkin bout you (live) ft. John Mayer
  2. self control (live)
  3. biking (live)
  4. forrest gump (live)
  5. pink + white (live)
  6. good guy interlude (live)
  7. ivy (live)
  8. super rich kids (live)
  9. solo (live)
  10. nikes (live)
  11. nikes (studio bonus track)

STREAM Frank Ocean: A Live Concert Experience

DOWNLOAD Frank Ocean: A Live Experience

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