RLGT Premiere: Cartoon Ben – Running Lapz

Cartoon Ben is an upcoming artist about to dominate your Twitter feed. Dive into his latest music video, titled “Running Lapz”, right here.



Cartoon Ben is a young artist and producer originating from Toronto, Ontario. Whether you’ve heard of him or not, this 16-year-old is about to make waves. I’m betting on it. His beats are unique and frequently bang at a quality that he works incredibly hard to maintain. Just over a year ago, he was featured as one of RLGT’s Up-Next Artists, a piece that has a deeper dive into his backstory and can be read over here.

Ben may have just stumbled onto a hit, because Running Lapz surely has the potential to blow up. The song was initially conceived one late night when producer Clout Cohen sent the beat over to Ben just as he was about to go to sleep. To put it simply, it caught his attention. “I had the hook done the first time I heard it”, mentioned Ben when describing how it all came together. The video for Running Lapz was edited by Roland, a low-budget DIY that displays the artist’s creativity. It features Cartoon Ben and friends, one being fellow SoundCloud rapper Pretty Boy Ron, on the streets and in the studio. Artists including 6 Dogs, Yung Lean, Lil Tracy and the late Lil Peep provided inspiration to the vision Ben had when creating the video. Lyric-relevant edits frequent the visuals, with a clever use of backdrops that allow the artist to experiment with a variety of graphics. Running Lapz was initially released on SoundCloud on April 6th and the video is being premiered today, right here on RLGT.

I’ve known Ben for a couple of weeks now. If I’ve learned anything about him, he’s a respectful individual with an extreme work ethic to push out content and become a major contender in Toronto’s music scene. Check out the exclusive premiere of Cartoon Ben’s “Running Lapz” music video, produced by Blackytom and Clout Cohen below! If you like what you hear or wanna get in on one of his well-crafted beats, be sure to check out his SoundCloud.

Your welcome.

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