RLGT Premiere: Milan Ring – Obscured

Dive into the R&B hopeful’s 3rd single of the year below.

RLGT Premiere: Milan Ring – Obscured


Milan Ring is hot off of her success from last month’s single “2063” (which is a heater btw). For those who don’t know about her yet, it’s time to get hip. Milan is an immensely talented up-and-comer in the R&B space. Her skill has been recognized in the past by notable collaborators, a list that includes DRAM, SZA, and The Social Experiment.

On her latest single titled “Obscured”, the Australian native presents a surreal calming release. The cut is written, performed and produced by the artist herself. “Obscured” is the third drop in a series of mood-based tracks that Milan is releasing throughout the summer. Enjoy the moment right here, as this series of music will quickly ease its way into becoming a soundtrack to your approaching endless summer.

This soothing song has a much deeper meaning than initially meets the eye. “Obscured” is dedicated to anyone who has experienced any kind of disconnection, abandonment or displacement in their lives – in this case, specifically her father & grandmother. It’s about the special moment of reuniting, or maybe even meeting the person who could change your life for the first time. This song has a special connection to Milan, with an equally special backstory. When asked about inspiration for the single, the artist notes:

My father grew up by the sea in a little fishing village in Hong Kong. He grew up without his mother, left in the care of his father who was a troubled alcoholic. His upbringing was anything but easy – he worked constantly and under extremely difficult and dangerous conditions. But he never faltered; my father’s intelligence and strength pushed him forward to pursue his own greatness. Decades later, after moving to Australia and as an adult with two young children, my father found his mother. At the age of 3, I traveled with him to San Francisco for their reintroduction.

“Obscured” is a song to close your eyes and get lost in. Milan’s music is shaped by the ever-changing environment around her, a spiritual sound balanced by enticing lyrics and sultry guitar chords. Her vocals float weightlessly in a warm setting, as she sings “now that I’ve found you, where do we go from here?”. If the vocals weren’t already strong enough on their own, the moody production provides the perfect foundation for this addicting new single.

At the time of penning this piece,  the track has been on repeat for about an hour or so while I sit in this random Starbucks with shitty lighting – a process that would’ve gone much quicker if I didn’t keep peacefully drifting away. Psychedelic is probably the best way I could describe it. It literally fc*king sounds like a nighttime drive with your girl along the coast of an Australian beach in the summer. Now, I haven’t actually been to Australia, but that’s how I’d imagine it at least. Milan is a transcendent artist and there’s real depth in these fluid, richly emotional lyrics. It almost feels nostalgic.

Light one up, look at a sunset and enjoy. Listen to “Obscured” below, and find it on all streaming platforms now!

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